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At Sanger Law Office, we provide dedicated legal representation in administrative law hearings for a range of legal issues, such as disciplinary actions against professionals or others in occupations subject to state licensing.

Ms. Sanger has devoted her professional career to helping others facing the difficult emotional challenges of supporting one’s family while fighting the inertia and layer upon layer of regulations, rules, and bureaucracy that can cause long delays in obtaining relief from an administrative agency of the government.

Kansas/Missouri Professional and Occupational Licensing Defense Attorney

When you have had a complaint filed against you alleging misconduct or have been charged with a criminal offense, the professional or occupational license that you have worked hard to obtain can be suspended or even revoked.  Even if you only receive a public reprimand, it could severely impair your ability to obtain future employment in your occupation or deter clients from retaining you.  Public discipline is available for future employers and clients to see so it is important to aggressively challenge any form of formal discipline.

Ms. Sanger’s time in the Kansas Attorney General’s Office has provided her with an understanding of the tactics and strategies used by investigators and prosecutors in professional disciplinary cases.  She also understands that sometimes these issues arise out of misunderstandings, false allegations, and technical violations of rules and regulations.  If you are being investigated because of a complaint by your professional or occupational licensing board, you should never agree to speak to the investigator without obtaining sound legal advice and the representation of an experienced Kansas professional licensing attorney.  The information you provide and statements that you make may be used as evidence in a disciplinary proceeding.  Ms. Sanger has the experience and commitment to provide a zealous defense of your livelihood and your future.

If you are dealing with a regulatory or licensing agency, Ms. Sanger is prepared to help her clients navigate the obstacles and provide transparency so that the process is understandable.  Ms. Sanger fights passionately for her clients as if they were her own family members because it was the struggles of her family members that motivated her to become an administrative law attorney in Kansas and Missouri.  The Sanger Law Office is centrally located in Lawrence, KS and represents individuals and businesses in a range of administrative legal issues in Kansas and Missouri.  If you are fighting for your occupational or professional license and reputation, you should contact Danielle Sanger today for a free consultation at 785-979-4353 (Kansas) or 816-520-8040 (Missouri).

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