How Social Media Can Impact Your Kansas Professional License

Each day it seems as though a new social media website has come into existence.  Most of us are aware of the most popular sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  Social media allows us to share our thoughts and photographs, as well as view postings and photographs of other users.  While sharing information on social media sites seems to be relatively harmless, especially if you have controlled which individuals are able to view your profile, social media has still become a scary thing for many individuals.  After all, any individual can create an account, upload a picture, and call him or herself a certain name, and you may never know what that individual’s true identity is.

Aside from the general fears of sharing personal information on social media websites, certain Kansas professionals must be overly cautious when deciding to participate in social media in some way.  Anything you post, and any photograph you upload could come back to haunt any Kansas professional, regardless of whether certain privacy settings are in place.  For example, if a Kansas licensed physician has posted a photograph of him or herself getting drunk, he or she may not have broken the law by drinking (and posting the photograph), however, he or she may have raised questions by clients and/or patients as to the physician’s ability to do his or her job, when those clients and/or patients have come across the posting themselves.

Kansas professionals are people just like anyone else.  However, they are held to a higher standard that is regulated.  What may no big deal for the average individual could be significant for a Kansas attorney, or Kansas chiropractor, for example.  As such, social media is something to be wary of and used in a way that will not impact your ability to continue working in your designated Kansas profession.

What’s at Stake        

Your professional license and reputation are on the line at all times, and your life is often termed an open book when you hold yourself out as a Kansas professional who helps clients or patients in some way.  Even what may seem to be a benign posting about a joke could turn out to be something that offends a great number of your clientele or patients.

If you ultimately face the loss of your Kansas professional license, you not only have to deal with the stress of fighting to keep your license, but also the stress of dealing with rumors that may be untrue, and/or dealing with the financial cost of no longer being able to work in your designated field.  Social media has helped shape today’s culture in many ways, and while there are certainly some positive aspects of social media, there are countless ways in which social media can have a negative impact on your profession.

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Social media has changed the rules and customs of much of our way of life, and it is difficult for many professions to keep up with such extensive and fast change.  If you are facing the potential loss of your Kansas professional license, the first thing you should do is consult with a Kansas Professional License Defense Attorney.  Danielle Sanger of the Sanger Law Office has devoted a significant portion of her career to helping Kansas professionals fight allegations and disciplinary action that may result in the loss of their professional licenses.  As a former Assistant Attorney General of Kansas, Danielle Sanger knows what to expect from any Kansas professional licensing board, regardless of what your particular profession is.  Speaking with an attorney about your situation in no way is an admission of fault or guilt.  In fact, speaking with an attorney is one of the best decisions you can make to protect your career.  To schedule your free consultation with Danielle Sanger, contact the Sanger Law Office today by calling (785) 979-4353.