Nursing Board License Defense Attorney Serving Nurses in Kansas and Missouri.

Protecting Your Nursing License in Kansas & Missouri

As a nurse, you assist people in their time of greatest need. Now, when your license and career are on the line, you need a skilled attorney to protect you. If you are under investigation from the Kansas State Board of Nursing or the Missouri State Board of Nursing, our nursing board license defense attorneys at Sanger Law Office are here to help. We understand that your nursing license represents your livelihood and career. From our Lawrence, Kansas office, we represent nurses throughout Kansas and Missouri in nursing board investigations and disciplinary matters.

Nursing Board Complaint Investigation Process

Anyone can file a complaint against a practicing nurse, including patients, employers, co-workers, hospitals, or a family member. The Kansas and Missouri Boards of Nursing investigate a wide variety of matters, including:

  • Standard of care violations
  • Falsities in the license application process
  • Past conduct affecting your right to obtain a license
  • Medication errors
  • Fraud, theft, or deception
  • Failure to comply with CE requirements
  • Unsafe medical methods
  • Abuse of patients
  • Inappropriate relationships with patients
  • Commission of a criminal offense
  • Malpractice lawsuits and judgments
  • Sexual misconduct
  • Impairment affecting your ability to practice, such as drug or alcohol use

Often, your first indication that your license could be at risk will be receipt of a letter from the Nursing Board informing you that it is considering taking adverse action. The Board may state that you are the subject of a complaint or investigation and will inform you of the Board’s proposed course of action. Investigations will soon commence and could take months to complete. You should take notice of a complaint from the Board quite seriously as adverse action by the Nursing Board could seriously impact your future. The Kansas and Missouri State Nursing Boards have the authority to deny, revoke, suspend, limit, or censure your license, as well as levy hefty fines.

Your first step after obtaining a letter from the Board should be contacting our Nursing Board license defense attorneys at Sanger Law Office. You should contact our office before completing any interviews or responding to requests for documents. Statements made during the investigatory process can severely impact your later case. Evidence discovered during the investigation process will mean the difference between early dismissal of the complaint or a lengthy hearing process.

Informal Resolutions

Depending on the circumstances of the case, the Board may allow you the option of seeking informal resolution of the complaint or concern. Informal resolution is considered an educational remedy. Along with your attorney, you will seek an agreement with the Board to resolve the charges. Generally, an informal resolution will involve a remedy like continuing education completion, monitoring, and possibly drug and alcohol testing. Your attorney will play an important role in presenting favorable evidence during investigations to lead the Board to accept an informal resolution.

Formal Discipline

More serious charges will be subject to the formal discipline process. In Kansas and Missouri, a Nursing Board complaint may be referred for an administrative hearing, or you will need to request such a hearing to counter any action taken on your license. An administrative hearing is a trial-like procedure which is recorded and involves the submission of evidence and exhibits by each party. If a violation is found, you could face serious disciplinary action against your nursing license.

Zealous Defense Of Your Nursing License

If your nursing license is at risk, contact our Kansas and Missouri Nursing Board License Defense Attorneys at Sanger Law Office, LLC. At the Sanger Law Office, LLC, our Kansas-based firm is led by attorney Danielle R. Sanger. Mrs. Sanger has devoted her law practice to protecting nurses and other professionals in administrative proceedings brought by state and federal regulatory agencies. With the assistance of the Sanger Law Office you can rest assured that your nursing career and future is in the best of hands. We will fight to see that you obtain the best outcome possible given the facts of your case. Call the Sanger Law Office, LLC at 785-979-4353 (Kansas) or 816-520-8040 (Missouri) to schedule your free consultation and start protecting your nursing career today!