Kansas Radiologic Technologist Defense Lawyer Representing Clients Accused of Professional Misconduct

Commonly referred to as LRTs (licensed radiologic technologists), radiologic technologists are licensed medical professionals who assist patients with health conditions by both performing radiation therapy and investigating health issues through diagnostic imaging. The Kansas Statutes Annotated 65-7302(m) defines radiology as “[t]he use of radioactive substance or equipment emitting or detecting ionizing radiation on humans for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes upon prescription of a licensed practitioner. The term includes the practice of radiography, nuclear medicine technology and radiation therapy, but does not include echocardiography, diagnostic sonography and magnetic resonance imaging.” Radiologic technologists often receive special training and certifications in particular diagnostic imaging tests, including bone densitometry, computed tomography, mammography, nuclear medicine, quality management, and radiography.

Radiologic technologists must possess a college degree in radiology, take and pass a certification exam, and complete continuing education courses. In addition, in order to practice in the state of Kansas, technologists must be licensed by the Kansas Board of Healing Arts. This Board oversees the licensing application process, as well as investigations into allegations of misconduct. The Board has the power to suspend, revoke, and reinstate licenses. When the Board receives a report of wrongdoing, it begins an investigation. The Board is an administrative regulatory agency. At the conclusion of the investigation, the Board will issue a finding and will make a determination on what actions to undertake, such as probation or suspension. Investigations commonly occur due to:

  • Ethics violations
  • Criminal charges or convictions
  • Complaints
  • Medical malpractice and other professional liability
  • Impairment due to drug or alcohol use
  • Fraud, including Medicare/Medicaid, financial, tax, and advertising fraud
  • Negligence

Allegations of misconduct can jeopardize your future as a radiologic technologist. Potential consequences include:

  • Injury to your reputation as a medical professional
  • Job loss
  • License probation, suspension or revocation
  • Administrative fines
  • Civil liability compensation to victims of malpractice or fraud
  • Criminal convictions and incarceration or probation

The Kansas Board of Healing Arts takes many factors into consideration when deciding whether to issue an adverse finding against a radiologic technologist. These factors include the nature and seriousness of the misconduct, whether the technologist has accepted responsibility for his or her actions, the technologist’s training and experience, and ill repute the wrongdoing has brought the radiologic technologist profession.

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You cannot practice as a radiologic technologist if you do not have an active license. If your license has already been suspended or revoked and you wish to reinstate your license in order to resume practice, you must obtain approval from the Board.  Danielle Sanger focuses exclusively on Kansas Board of Healing Arts investigations and medical license defense. Over the years, she has garnered immense experience in navigating investigations, advising clients on how to respond to allegations, and advocating for reinstatement. To schedule a free, confidential consultation at our Kansas law firm, call Sanger Law Office, LLC at 785-979-4353 (Kansas) or 816-520-8040 (Missouri) today.