Medical License Defense Attorney Representing Osteopathic Doctors in Kansas and Missouri Accused of Misconduct

An osteopathic doctor (DO) is a physician who focuses on healing and helping patients through promoting healthy lifestyles and disease prevention. Osteopathic doctors are similar to medical doctors in that they are capable of prescribing pharmaceutical drugs, performing surgery and other procedures, diagnosing illnesses, and evaluating injuries. According to the Kansas Annotated Statutes 65-2870(a), an osteopathic doctor is a person “who publicly profess[es] to be [an] osteopathic physician, or publicly profess[es] to assume the duties incident to the practice of osteopathy, as heretofore interpreted by the supreme court of [Kansas].” Osteopathy is a special practice of medicine that focuses on massaging and manipulating muscles and joints, though many DOs are now interchangeable with MDs.

Like other medical professions, an osteopathic doctor must follow a series of rigorous steps before receiving permission to treat patients in Kansas. First, an individual must receive an undergraduate degree. Then, the individual must attend an accredited school of osteopathic medicine to receive a doctorate in this specialized field. This is a four-year program akin to medical school. The individual then must pass the Comprehensive Osteopathic Medical Licensing Examination, as well as complete continuing education courses. After obtaining certification, the individual is then required to complete an internship, then a residency program. DOs may choose to specialize in a certain area, such as pediatrics or emergency care.  If the DO decides to specialize, he or she may seek board certification in that field. Finally, the doctor must apply for and receive a license to practice medicine in Kansas.

The Kansas Board of Healing Arts oversees all medical practice in the state, include osteopathic medicine. The Board of Healing Arts reviews license applications and grants licenses that meet the eligibility requirements. Likewise, the Board is responsible for reviewing allegations of misconduct. This process involves a lengthy and in-depth investigation that culminates in a conclusion and finding. Common investigations follow allegations of:

  • Sexual harassment and assault
  • Fraud
  • Criminal activity
  • Drug or alcohol addiction
  • Medical malpractice
  • Violation of the Code of Conduct

The Kansas Board of Healing Arts has the power to suspend or revoke licenses to practice medicine in the state of Kansas. The Board also holds complete authority over the decision to reinstate a license. Without an active and valid license, a DO cannot practice medicine. Other possible consequences of misconduct include:

  • Criminal sanctions such as incarceration
  • Exorbitant administrative fines
  • Civil liability that results in costly damages

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