Kansas And Missouri Licensing Attorney Advises Clients Not To Relax Professional Standards

According to the Miami Herald, a 25-year-old woman, who was a young mother, passed away during implant surgery at a Miami area cosmetic surgery clinic.  The woman engaged the clinic to perform a “Brazilin Butt Lift.”  The young lady was from Kansas City, MO. She was the second in a month to die in the Miami area while having cosmetic surgery. She is also the second woman in a year to die after seeking cosmetic treatment at this particular treatment facility. Unfortunately, this particular clinic and its predecessors have had problems in the recent past. Kansas and Missouri professional licensing attorney Danielle Sanger reminds physicians to adhere to the highest ethical and practical standards mandated by the medical profession to avoid professional discipline and claims of medical malpractice.

The Florida Department of Health and law enforcement authorities are investigating the young woman’s death. The young woman was reported to be happy and healthy two days before she died when she left Kansas City to head to South Florida. The woman was placed under a general anesthetic rather than a local before the surgery.During the surgery, which involves the physician removing cellulite from the stomach and injecting it into the woman’s buttocks, the woman’s blood pressure dropped. She was unconscious. Emergency personnel responded, but she could not be revived.

Using general anesthesia is risky for these types of procedures. The best option is to administer a local anesthetic for pain control.  In one instance, there was a question of whether the patient knew what was happening. The patient did sign an informed consent form. However, the news report suggests that the informed consent form purportedly signed by the patient was crossed out and written over. The report claims that it is virtually impossible to determine what procedure the unsuspecting patient approved. Moreover, there are no discernible means to tell whether the patient signed before or after the cross outs and additional markings.

The surgical clinic where the woman perished has had its share of difficulties. The news report about the incident refers to the clinic itself as a “storefront.” The description invites readers to infer that this is some fly-by-night operation. Health officials in Florida say that in 2015, a medical practitioner associated with the practice injured four patients during a 30-day span while performing liposuction. The doctor claims in “YouTube” videos the aggressively use liposuction. Additionally, the Florida attorney general’s office investigated the clinics and ordered that the clinic’s incorporators repay nearly $200,000 to patients who pre-paid for services. In exchange, the Florida attorney general’s office dropped the investigation. Furthermore, health officials cited the clinic for poor record keeping practices as well as the use of ineffective equipment.

While cosmetic surgery is often performed by reputable and competent physicians and staff, some facilities measurably fall below professional standards. The clinic in question went through numerous name changes and was “rebranding” itself. The owners of the corporation that runs the clinics dissolved those corporations and reincorporated under a different name. Additionally, the clinic marketed itself to out-of-town patients through internet marketing that promises inexpensive plastic surgery and amazing results. Practitioners must remember to consult the rules relating to marketing and advertising before making claims guaranteeing precise results. Additionally, physicians and other health care providers must practice in a manner consistent with maintaining the integrity of the professional and protection of the public.

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