Kansas and Missouri Professional Licensing Attorney Danielle Sanger Answers: How Can a Pharmacy Audit Affect My License?

Pharmacists often contact me with deep concerns when they learn that they are undergoing a pharmacy audit. They often fear that allegations may arise from the audit that will jeopardize their license—the ongoing opioid epidemic has only heightened these concerns. As a pharmacist in Kansas or Missouri, your ability to practice is only allowed by your licensure. As a result of your perseverance and license, you now have the ability to engage in a meaningful, respected, and lucrative career. But what if your pharmacy is threatened by suspension or revocation? You could lose your ability to practice and provide for your family if you are not aware of the sort of problems that can be discovered during a pharmacy audit in Kansas or Missouri.

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The Pharmacy Audit

All pharmacies go through scheduled and random audits to make sure that they are safely dispensing drugs in the best interest of the community. Again, this has become a more important public policy issue as communities grapple with the opioid epidemic. Auditors are examining record-keeping, costs, and compliance with drug laws during their review. Even a safe and compliant pharmacy can run into problems if it handles its audit poorly. Below are some considerations to prevent a bad audit from ruining your career.

Routine Audits

As a licensed pharmacist, you are aware that routine audits occur on a fairly predictable schedule each year. There is no excuse not to be prepared for these audits, and a failure to prepare for them is inexcusable given the ramifications of a bad audit. I recommend that client contact me to help them through these audits; I routinely review the pharmacists’ records and advise about how to present the best possible face to auditors. For less experienced pharmacists, I can also provide an overview of the audit process and highlight common pitfalls that less experienced pharmacists sometimes fall prey to.

Random Audit

While a random audit is one that is not prescheduled, you should conduct your pharmacy practice anticipating a random audit at any time.  Contacting an experienced licensing attorney immediately upon receipt of a notice of a random audit is vital. An experienced licensing attorney can advise you quickly about what preparation can make the most significant difference in the audit’s outcome. Obviously, not having serious problems is the best way to avoid a bad audit finding, and you should always make sure that your staff are following best practices.

Post-Audit Representation

If you have already been subject to an audit resulting in issues with your practice having issues flagged, you must call an experienced Kansas and Missouri licensing attorney immediately. Reviewing any audit reports and clarifying issues that the state or DEA may have with your practice is crucial, as is representation before either of these bodies.

Contact an Experienced Kansas and Missouri Licensing Attorney Now

You deserve to run your pharmacy without the fear of administrative discipline. Contacting an experienced licensing attorney to help you through the pharmacy audit process can mean the difference between getting back to helping your customers and a suspension or revocation of your license.

If you are a pharmacist in Kansas or Missouri and are worried about an audit or misconduct costing you your career, call attorney Sanger now.

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