Kansas and Missouri Professional Licensing Attorney Danielle Sanger: Dedicated Advocate for Pharmacists Facing Professional Discipline

Pharmacists are dedicated professionals who make significant contributions to our healthcare and our quality of life. Our pharmacists become trusted members of the team who watches over our well-being. We entrust pharmacists with tremendous responsibility, and most discharge their duties professionally and competently. The public confidence in pharmacists and the service they perform is significant. However, pharmacists, like all other licensed professionals, are human and can make mistakes. Consequently, pharmacists face the specter of professional discipline for failing to protect the safety of the public and the integrity of the profession.

In Kansas and Missouri, pharmacists who are facing professional discipline have an ardent advocate in Danielle Sanger, Esq. Attorney Sanger has dedicated her career to defending professional licensees from disciplinary actions. Attorney Sanger’s substantial experience representing clients before disciplinary boards and administrative agencies gives her clients the advantage they need to protect their livelihood and their family from financial ruin.

Pharmacists are under a significant amount of stress and pressure these days. Pharmacists dispense and guard, for that matter, substances that are of great value on the streets. Drugs like Oxycontin and other opiate derivatives are in high demand as a consequence of the opioid epidemic facing our country today. Pharmacists and pharmacy staff, over which the head pharmacists has supervisory responsibility, could be tempted by significant financial incentives to misappropriate painkillers. Pharmacists must exercise caution and adhere to all of the regulations pertaining to opioid medications.

A pharmacist must contact a highly experienced and knowledgeable professional licensing attorney immediately upon learning they are under investigation. Pharmacists might be tempted to attempt to talk their way out of a complaint if they cooperate with their licensing authority’s investigation into their wrongdoing. A pharmacist, and all other holders of occupational licenses, should not contact their investigatory agency until speaking with competent professional licensing counsel. The investigating agency might not inform the pharmacist that he or she has the right to counsel before they speak. Just like in criminal court, anything you say can, and will, be used against you in a court of law. Unlike a criminal defendant facing interrogation, there is no requirement that the pharmacist receives the equivalent of the Miranda warnings. Thus, no statement is “off the record.”

Contacting a professional licensing attorney in the initial stages of an investigation will help you mount a defense immediately. Time is of the essence. The pharmacist has a chance to negotiate a resolution to the matter before a complaint issues through your attorney. If, however, that is not possible, then getting an experienced occupational licensing attorney involved in the preliminary stages of an investigation will benefit the pharmacist greatly. The attorney will have time to investigate the facts, examine potential defenses, find witnesses, and review the government’s evidence. There is also ample time to create a compelling narrative as part of the pharmacist’s case that demonstrates the lack of culpability on the pharmacist’s part. Likewise, the attorney has the chance to mitigate any wrongdoing by gathering evidence that will help make a case for a reduced penalty.

A professional disciplinary action is no joke. Although the hearing does not occur in a traditional courtroom, the pharmacist has rights similar to that of a criminal defendant, except that there is no right to a trial by jury. However, the pharmacist has the due process right to confront and cross-examine witnesses appearing in support of the complaint and to present a case in the pharmacist’s defense. The pharmacist also has the right to a fair hearing before a neutral and impartial magistrate.

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