Kansas and Missouri Professional Licensing Attorney Danielle Sanger Discusses Physician Disruptive Behavior

There was a time when physicians were kings of the castle; almost all male, they dominated everyone else working in the health care system and could act any way they wished, especially towards female staff working with them. Those times are long gone. The entire health care system has changed dramatically, with more significant gender equity among physicians, nursing staff, and other medical professionals and a much lower tolerance for inappropriate and disruptive behavior. There are also far more independent contractors working in the medical environment who are not beholden to physicians.

“Physician disruptive behavior” is a term that license defense attorneys hear more and more lately. In a nutshell, it is behavior that is so inappropriate and extreme that it causes a performance breakdown in a medical team. I will get into the specifics of physician disruptive behavior below but want to underscore that it can lead to licensure issues, including suspensions and revocations in extreme cases.

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What is Physician Disruptive Behavior?

The medical environment, whether it is an operating room or a busy specialist’s office, is usually stressful. As a result, it is not unusual for people working in that environment to occasionally “blow up” under the stress of the moment, which is uncomfortable for all involved. In the best situations, this sort of event is followed by a sincere apology, and everyone moves on like the professionals they are.  That sort of occasional, situational disruption is not “physician disruptive behavior.”

Physician disruptive behavior is characterized by a pattern of extreme conduct that prevents other members from effectively performing their roles in the medical environment. This sort of behavior is not limited to stressful situations, and often is how the physician treats those working around him or her.  Examples of physician disruptive behavior include intimidating behavior, abusive language, using anger to communicate, and using threats of violence to compel action.  Another hallmark of this sort of behavior is that it is not limited to subordinates, but is often also directed at peers and patients.

Physician disruptive behavior is a problem because of the ill effects it has on the medical staff.  If a physician so terrorizes staff that they do not bring questions regarding patients’ care to his or her attention or avoid questioning the physician’s mistakes, then patient care is suffering. When a state medical board becomes aware that a physician’s behavior is resulting in a diminishment in patient care, licensure issues may ensue. While allegations can be triggered for several reasons—some legitimate, some not—they all must be taken seriously and addressed immediately.

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You have worked too hard to attain your medical license to lose it because of allegations regarding physician disruptive behavior.  Contacting an experienced licensing attorney to help you through the misconduct hearing process, explain the implications of any claims against you, and can mean the difference between getting back to helping your patients and losing your career forever. As you know, medicine is a rewarding career—don’t let allegations of misconduct end it prematurely.

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