Kansas and Missouri Professional Licensing Attorney Danielle Sanger Discusses the Most Common Reasons Physical Therapists Lose Their Licenses

Physical therapists are particularly vulnerable to allegations of misconduct, as they have close contact with clients, have access to client’s confidential information, and are often working with clients one-on-one. Physical therapists often ask me if there are particular behaviors they should avoid or best practices they should adopt. Because I am so frequently asked about this topic, I have written the following blog post to outline the most high-risk behaviors.

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Top Threats to Physical Therapists’ Licenses

In my years defending physical therapists’ professional licenses, the following are the most common examples of conduct that results in allegations of unprofessional or unethical conduct:

Sexual Misconduct.  You should never have any sexual or romantic relationship with a patient, as this is one of the surest ways to lose your license. Similarly, you should not treat someone with whom you have previously had a sexual or romantic relationship. While either of these scenarios may not seem problematic when they are occurring, once the relationship ends and one party is spurned, allegations quickly arise.

Drug and Alcohol Abuse. If your drug or alcohol use is impairing your ability to do work with your clients, you are extremely likely to face some discipline. Even if you are not impaired at work, if your drug or alcohol use is close to your work hours, you are likely to be perceived as unprofessional—don’t take the risk.  Finally, the use of illegal drugs or using prescription drugs without a prescription, even if the use is unrelated to your employment, is likely to jeopardize your ability to work in any medical setting.

Fraud and Misrepresentation. Never promise or perform treatments that you are untrained or unlicensed to perform. Never bill for a procedure you did not perform or for unnecessary treatment. Not only is this sort of behavior dishonest and wrong, but it is also very likely to result in being caught, as insurance companies have advanced methods of noticing and proving fraud.

Patient Abuse. It does not need much explanation, never touch your client without his or her consent. Never touch your client sexually or in a manner that could be perceived as sexual in nature.

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You have worked too hard to attain your physical therapy license. Allegations based on miscommunications, inter-office conflict, and vengeful patients can cost you that license, even if they are not true. Physical therapists often come to my office for a consultation after they have received a notice of investigation from either their employer or licensing board.  Sometimes they are still in a good position, and there is a lot I can do to either minimize the damage or have it dismissed altogether.  However, there are other times when there is very little I can do because the medical professional involved has tried to “go it alone” or tried “to be helpful,” thinking that these may be successful strategies. They aren’t. Contact an experienced licensing attorney now to protect your interests.

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