Kansas Attorneys – What You Should Know About Unpaid Taxes and Your Law License

Personal financial struggles and work life inevitably are entwined as your ability to pay your taxes and other bills are typically contingent on how successful you are financially in your profession.  The consequences of unpaid taxes can be especially stressful for Kansas attorneys who place their law license at risk if they continue to move forward in their profession without taking care of unpaid taxes.  As a Kansas attorney, your financial situation will never be exactly like another Kansas attorney’s financial situation.  However, when it comes to unpaid taxes, such conduct may be considered a reflection on your morality and ethics as an attorney.  The concern the Kansas Office of Disciplinary Administrator has is not so much about your inability to pay past debt is it is about ignoring your obligation to pay taxes.

What Are My Options?

If you are a Kansas attorney and you are unable to pay past due taxes, your Kansas law license is not automatically at risk for suspension or revocation.  However, you need to act quickly to demonstrate that you are not willfully ignoring past due taxes, but that you are instead making an effort to address your past due taxes lawfully.  Your options for addressing past due taxes include, but are certainly not limited to, the following:

  • Making sure you file your tax returns on time, even if you are unable to pay the amount of tax you owe;
  • Consider entering into an installment agreement with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) that will allow you to make reasonable monthly payments until all past due taxes have been paid;
  • Discuss your financial options with an accountant or other financial professional; and
  • Seek the advice of other attorneys and support groups available through the Kansas Bar.

It is unlikely that you will be at risk for losing your Kansas law license if you have legitimate financial issues that are preventing you from paying off unpaid taxes.  However, the decision to ignore the problem is what gets Kansas attorneys in trouble.  If you ignore the fact that you have unpaid taxes, it may look as though you are intentionally defrauding the government, even if this is not the case.  As such, regardless of what your individual financial circumstances are, it is crucial to ensure you are doing everything possible to keep your Kansas law license.  To have a thorough understanding of what is at risk for failing to satisfy unpaid taxes, it is important that you consider speaking with a Kansas Professional License Defense Attorney who can provide you with the resources you need to move forward.

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Being an attorney in Kansas carries with it responsibilities that many other individuals do not have.  If you are delinquent on your taxes, you could be at risk for facing the suspension or loss of your Kansas license to practice law.  If you are currently facing, or believe you may be facing, the potential loss of your license, it is imperative that you seek the guidance of a qualified Kansas Professional License Defense Attorney right away.  Danielle Sanger of the Sanger Law Office is a Kansas Professional License Defense Attorney who has the experience, skill, and dedication to help you fight the potential loss of your Kansas license to practice law.  As a former Assistant Attorney General of Kansas, Danielle Sanger has a well-rounded background that allows her to provide her clients with superior legal representation.  To schedule your free consultation with Kansas Professional License Defense Attorney Danielle Sanger, contact the Sanger Law Office today by calling (785) 979-4353.