Kansas Doctors of Optometry: 9 Ways to Endanger Your Professional License

In Kansas, doctors of optometry or “optometrists” as they are commonly known, are licensed by the Kansas Board of Examiners in Optometry. The Board’s purpose is not only to license professionals but also to ensure that the general public is protected. Each year, optometrists are disciplined as the result of actions that violate the profession’s code of ethics. The following are some of the most common mistakes that in the discipline:

  1. Professional Incompetence: Although this is a broad area, licensees who fail to adhere to the standards of care required by the Board are considered to be negligent. Negligent conduct whether “ordinary” or “gross”, subjects a licensee to disciplinary action.
  2. Misconduct: Any misconduct, sexual or exploitive, in connection with the licensee’s practice of optometry is grounds for discipline.
  3. Failure to Obtain/Maintain Insurance: Pursuant to Kansas law, licensees must maintain professional liability insurance, which includes paying the monthly fee on a timely basis.
  4. Failure to Provide Patient with Prescription: In Kansas, it is against the law for a licensee to not provide a patient with his or her written prescription for eyeglass lenses after the completion of an eye exam.
  5. Controlled Substance Abuse: Each year medical professionals across the country are disciplined for prescribing, purchasing, selling or administering prescription drugs for illegal purposes. If you have a substance abuse problem, seek help immediately. Failing to obtain necessary treatment places your license and your livelihood in jeopardy.
  6. Fraud: A licensee who has used or permits fraudulent or false advertising is subject to discipline. Any conduct that is deemed to deceive, mislead or harm the public is prohibited.
  7. Unauthorized Practice: A quick way to find yourself in hot water with the Board is by allowing your professional license to lapse. Failure to timely renew your license may mean you are practicing optometry. This can lead to revocation or suspension of a licensee’s license and/or censure of the licensee.
  8. Felony Conviction: A licensee who is convicted of a felony is subject to discipline, including loss of license, regardless of whether the felony was related to the licensee’s professional practice or duties. It is important for all licensees to be aware that in Kansas, a third DUI conviction in many instances is a felony.
  9. Failure to Comply with the Board Requirements: Licensees often find themselves not knowing what to do when the receive notice of a pending investigation by the Board. However, failure to comply with certain Board demands or follow Board rules can be reason alone for discipline. This is why is it is important to seek the counsel of an experienced professional license defense attorney immediately.

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