Kansas Healthcare Professionals – The Vaccination Debate

As a Kansas healthcare professional, whether a physician, nurse, physician’s assistant, or respiratory therapist, among others, you know all too well that vaccinations are a very hot topic.  Over the past few years, there has been a growing movement supporting the contention that vaccinations cause more harm than good, such as various forms of Autism.  While it is unclear whether or not vaccinations can cause Autism, it is certainly something that has enough people bothered to join in a movement that has sparked a very controversial debate.  No matter what your opinion may be about vaccinations, as a Kansas healthcare professional, you will be facing a lot of questions from patients.

Answering Tough Questions

You can only communicate what you know to patients, whether you communicate information you learned in school or from practicing in the field.  Sometimes there are no good answers to any one question, and the vaccination debate is one where many people are not satisfied with the answers they are receiving.  Many patients feel confused and do not know who to blame when they feel they have been misinformed.  Many people do not know what to believe, as they are receiving information both for and against vaccinations.  As a Kansas healthcare professional, it is your job to ensure you answer a patient’s questions using your particular professional knowledge.  It is always best to keep your own opinions of out the equation, as your opinions may be considered as opposed to your professional judgment.

The vaccination debate is only one of many healthcare debates that surfaces for a period of time and then calms down for a while.  The recent outbreak of Measles has resulted in a very negative view of anti-vaccine activists.  This is a situation where you, as a healthcare professional, may wish to explain to a patient why it is important to vaccinate from a medical standpoint, and not so much from a personal standpoint.  This often can be difficult with controversial issues, especially in cases where you, as the healthcare professional, hold a view that may not be shared by other healthcare professionals.

Protecting Your Kansas Healthcare License

As long as you continue to follow the rules of your profession and do your best to provide quality medical care, there is nothing you can otherwise do to convince patients of any one thing.  You will come across patients who you fundamentally disagree with, and in such cases, you have to be as strong as possible, cordial and professional.  It is okay to vent and discuss issues outside the workplace, but having a positive image to your patients (even those unruly ones) is key to having a successful and reputable career in the state of Kansas.

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