Kansas Healthcare Professionals – Will the Ebola Outbreak Result in Tougher Regulations?

The Ebola outbreak that has led to thousands of deaths so far this year has caused United States healthcare workers to question whether or not the current health and safety measures in place are sufficient to protect us from Ebola.  The United States is known for having superior healthcare facilities with the ability to offer round-the-clock care that many other countries simply do not have.  However, the recent incident in Texas where two nurses contracted Ebola has resulted in a reassessment of the current policies and procedures in place and whether or not such procedures are good enough.

We Still Have Much to Learn

While the Ebola virus has been widely known, we have not yet had a reason to learn more about the virus and its transmission from one person to another.  Current regulations in place that govern health and safety procedures may not be sufficient to handle a deadly virus like Ebola.  Many Kansas healthcare professionals face citations on a regular basis for failing to adhere to health and safety regulations, so it can be expected that as new regulations come into place, healthcare professionals may be scrutinized even more closely.

Repeated health and safety violations have the potential to result in the loss of a Kansas healthcare professional license.  As such, it is imperative that all Kansas healthcare professionals stay up to date on the changes in rules and regulations in order to avoid the imposition of citations or the potential loss of a professional license.  Healthcare professionals always have to act quickly to learn new rules and regulations so that they are doing everything in their power to adhere to new practices.  This isn’t always easy, and some healthcare professionals have trouble with change, resulting in disciplinary action and/or the loss of their professional license for violating safety rules and regulations.

Facing the loss of your professional license is something that makes your future uncertain, as you do not know how the Kansas Board of Healing Arts will react to your particular case.  Losing your license does not necessarily mean you will never be able to legally practice as a Kansas healthcare professional in the future; however, the consequences of losing your license will certainly have negative affects for the foreseeable future.

It may not seem fair that Kansas healthcare professionals have faced the loss of their professional licenses for what seem to be minor safety violations.  But, rules and regulations are taken very seriously and there are usually very few exceptions to any of these rules or regulations.  The best thing you can do if you are facing the loss of your license is to investigate your options for fighting to keep your license and being able to continue practicing as a Kansas healthcare professional for years to come.

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