Kansas Medical Professionals – Identifying Your Practice of Medicine

The term “doctor” is used to describe a variety of medical professionals who have earned degrees in different medical disciplines. For example, chiropractors, osteopathic physicians, medical doctors, optometrists, and many others are all referred to as “doctors.”  Most patients who see a particular medical professional are most likely aware of what type of “doctor” this medical professional is.  However, the Kansas Board of Healing Arts requires that all “doctors” identify what type of doctor they are, whether the name is identified on advertisements, on work-related documents, or anywhere else where the doctor’s name or practice is conveyed in any manner to patients or potential patients.  This requirement protects both patients and doctors, as there can be no dispute about what type of doctor a patient has seen if the doctor has adequately identified his or her practice of medicine.

The Potential for Suspension of Your Kansas Professional License

The Kansas Board of Healing Arts takes all rules and regulations very seriously.  Even a small mistake such as forgetting to put “M.D.” on your letterhead can lead to the suspension of your professional license.  A Wichita chiropractor experienced just how strict the Kansas Board of Healing Arts can be.  His chiropractic license was suspended for thirty (30) days, having been reduced from a recommended ninety (90) days, for failing to specify in two advertisements that he was a Kansas licensed chiropractor.  It may seem harsh that a Kansas medical professional is at risk for having his or her license suspended for a simple mistake that is essentially a typographical error, however, there is good reason why the Kansas Board of Healing Arts takes this matter very seriously.

If a patient only sees a medical professional’s name beginning with “Dr.,” but no identifier as to what type of doctor this person is, there is a risk that the patient will be confused or misrepresented by the lack of key information about this medical professional.  For example, if the doctor advertises him or herself as an expert in treating foot injuries, potential patients may believe this doctor is an orthopedic surgeon, when in fact the doctor is a podiatrist.  While podiatrists do specialize in treating foot injuries and conditions, patients may wish to see an orthopedic surgeon who is a licensed medical doctor.  If the patient is not informed that the doctor is a podiatrist, that patient is not receiving accurate information about that doctor, and cannot make an informed decision as to whether or not this is the right doctor to treat the patient’s foot injuries.  Failure to identify a medical specialty can be interpreted as misrepresentation, depending on the information that is being conveyed to patients.

In order to prevent a small mistake from threatening your professional license, you should ensure that anytime your name is written, spoken, or conveyed in any other way to patients or potential patients in your capacity as a medical professional, it is important to verify that you properly identify your medical specialty.  Leaving off “M.D.,” “D.C.,” or “D.O.” from your professional name can leave you with a suspended professional license for a significant period of time, and simple editing can prevent such suspension.

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