Kansas Pharmacists – A Small Mistake Could Cost You Your License

The pharmaceutical industry continues to boom year after year as our population grows older, and as new medications enter the market place.  Such a booming industry makes for very busy pharmacies.  Pharmacists fill prescriptions for hundreds of patients on a daily basis.  It takes keen attention to detail to ensure that each patient’s prescription medication is being filled in accordance with a physician’s orders.  Given that many patients take multiple prescription medication, it is especially important that pharmacists are cognizant of potential drug interactions.

Patients rely on both their physicians and their pharmacies to get the right medication at the right dose.  As medications look more and more alike, it is not surprising that patients receive the wrong medication and/or the wrong dose.  This is a problem that most pharmacists are aware of, and they take precautionary measures to limit the risk that such mistakes will occur.

However, no system is perfect, and mistakes are bound to happen from time to time.  When it comes to filling the wrong medication, the wrong dose of a medication, and/or a medication that elicits an adverse drug interaction, a patient’s life may be at risk.  Many patients are familiar enough with their medications that they would recognize when they have been inadvertently administered the wrong medication and/or the wrong dose of a medication.  However, there are some patients who are not fully aware of how their medication looks and wouldn’t even think to double-check as to whether or not they are taking the correct medication, especially for our elderly population.

Consequences of Filling the Wrong Prescription for a Patient

Many mistakes pharmacists make do not result in a life-threatening situation to patients.  But, the mere chance that a patient could be seriously harmed by such a mistake may be enough to put your Kansas pharmacist license at risk.  It may seem unfair that one mistake could cost you your license; however, many patients have died throughout the country due to a pharmacist’s mistake, so the Kansas Board of Pharmacy takes the misadministration of prescription medication very seriously.

If you are a pharmacist and you have made the mistake of administering the wrong medication, the wrong does of a particular medication, and/or a medication that elicits an adverse drug interaction, you should not assume that you are going to lose your Kansas pharmacist license.  It is unlikely that a pharmacist will lose his or her license if a mistake did not result in harm to a patient, but the possibility is always there.  As such, it is important to take additional precautionary measures to ensure such small, yet risky mistakes, do not happen.

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We all make mistakes, but professionals are held to a higher standard, so any mistake could be detrimental to their careers.  If you are at risk for losing your pharmacist license, no matter what the reason may be, it is imperative that you consult with a highly skilled Kansas Professional License Defense Attorney as soon as possible.  There is too much at stake, and you need a strong advocate by your side.  At the Sanger Law Office, Danielle Sanger helps Kansas pharmacists and other professionals fight to keep their licenses.  While you may have a tough road ahead, Danielle Sanger will do her best to prove that you deserve to keep your Kansas pharmacist license.  As a former Assistant Attorney General of Kansas, Ms. Sanger has experience both as a prosecutor and defense attorney.  This prior experience helps Ms. Sanger provide her clients with well-rounded and superior legal representation.  If you would like to discuss your situation with Danielle Sanger, contact the Sanger Law Office today by calling (785) 979-4353 to schedule your free consultation.