Kansas Professionals – Dealing With Substance or Drug Abuse

Alcohol and drug abuse are prevalent among all walks of life in both the state of Kansas and throughout the United States.  While most of us are clearly aware of how alcohol or drug use can negatively impact one’s ability to function at a normal level, some people are simply losing the fight to addiction, which is essentially a medical disease that requires extensive treatment to overcome.  It is often difficult to acknowledge when you yourself, a fellow attorney, or fellow chiropractor has a substance or drug abuse problem.  However, when the well-being of clients and patients is on the line, it is imperative that all steps are taken to prevent an impaired professional from working with clients or treating patients.

 What Steps You Should Take

Whether you yourself have substance abuse problems or a colleague is suffering from such problems, the first step to take is to stop practicing in your profession immediately.  This proactive step conforms with what your professional licensing board would ask of you.  Taking the initiative to acknowledge a problem is a sign that you take your profession very seriously and you do not want to cause any harm to your clients or patients.  After ceasing to practice in your profession, you should seek treatment from a rehabilitative facility to learn how to overcome your substance or drug abuse problem.  It is also important to be aware that your professional licensing board may want to be kept informed as to the progress of your condition and recovery.

After taking the big steps forward to cease practicing in your profession and seek help for your substance or drug abuse problem, you may be ready to get back into your profession, but you may need to take additional measures before fully integrating back into your career field.  If the professional licensing board is aware of your substance or drug abuse problem, you may be required to undergo special classes or a diversion program where your conduct and behavior are evaluated.  However, each case is different, and if you never received a disciplinary notice or threat to your professional license in the first place, you may not have very many obstacles before returning to work. A diligent Kansas Professional License Defense Attorney can review your case in detail and ensure you are complying with all requirements imposed by the professional licensing board that regulates your profession.

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Whether you are a physician, an attorney, a nurse practitioner, a dentist, or any other professional requiring a license in the state of Kansas, it is important to understand just how devastating the consequences can be when work is mixed with substance or drug abuse.  If you or someone you know is facing disciplinary action that somehow relates to the use of alcohol or drugs on the job, it is imperative that you speak with a highly skilled Kansas Professional License Defense Attorney as soon as possible.  Kansas professional boards do have an understanding of how alcohol and drug abuse can be destructive to both your life and your career, and there are programs that can help Kansas professionals seek the treatment they need and deserve.  However, if treatment is not sought, and a Kansas professional breaches the rules and/or conduct of his or her profession, the loss of a professional license is a real possibility.  Danielle Sanger of the Sanger Law Office is a former Assistant Attorney General of Kansas who has helped numerous Kansas professionals face and overcome the threat of losing their professional license.  To speak with Kansas Professional License Defense Attorney, contact the Sanger Law Office today to schedule a free consultation by calling (785) 979-4353.