Kansas Real Estate Appraisers: The Powers the Board Has Over Your License

In the State of Kansas, real estate appraisers are licensed by the Kansas Real Estate Appraisal Board. Not only does the Board manage the licensing and registration of real estate appraisers, it also functions to protect persons and entities that utilize real estate appraisers. As such, the Board has a broad range of actions it can take when a licensee engages in prohibited conduct. The following are the some of the disciplinary measures available to the Board:

  • Warning: Issuance of a warning or taking other correction action. This is the least severe sanction used by the Board.
  • Official reprimand: An official reprimand is more severe of an action than a warning, but does not involve any fines, corrective actions, nor does it place any restrictions on the licensee’s license.
  • Additional Education: If the Board feels that the licensee requires education or training, the Board has the power to order the licensee to complete the education within a given amount of time.
  • Fines: The Board can order that the licensee pay a monetary fine.
  • Probation: Probation places restriction(s) on the licensee’s licensee for a set period of time.
  • Downgrade: In the case of a downgrade, the licensee has a reduction in the allowed scope of his or her scope of practice, which occurs through a reclassification of the appraisal credential.
  • Suspension of License: When a licensee has his or her license suspended, the licensee loses all of the rights and privileges associated with the license for a specific period of time. A suspension can also be made contingent on the licensee completing some other disciplinary measures such as payment of a fine or completion of education classes.
  • Revocation of License: Unlike a suspension, a revocation of the licensee’s license is permanent and is the most severe form of discipline that the Board can issue.

Certain disciplinary measures are made known to the general public. The Board publishes a list of the licensees who have received any fines equal to or excess of $500, any limitations on a license, any conditions that require the licensee to comply, suspensions, and any revocations.  These are listed both on the Board’s website and in its newsletter. Disciplinary actions published on the Board’s website will remain on the site for a period of three years following the licensee’s successful completion of education or expiration of all fines, penalties and conditions. The names of licensees who have had a license revoked will remain on the website indefinitely. The Board does not publish the names of licensees who are censured or who received fines under $500.

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