KS Nurses – Five Reasons Why Nurses Lose Their Licenses

There are wonderful nurses out there who have either had their nursing licenses suspended or revoked for a variety of reasons.  Some reasons may or may not be intentional.  For example, a nurse may believe he or she has the authority to initial or sign a physician’s name if that particular physician either asked the nurse to do so, or consented to this.  Regardless of a physician’s instructions, that nurse cannot lawfully write a physician’s name as if it is the physician him or herself signing the document.  This is just one reason why some nurses lose their licenses.  Additional reasons why Kansas nurses may lose their licenses include, but are not limited to, those described below.

Reason # 1 – Taking Samples of Prescription Medication

A Kansas nurse may believe it is harmless to take a drug sample without a doctor’s prescription.  In fact, some physicians may even be aware of this.  Even if a nurse is aware that he or she is unable to obtain prescriptions unlawfully, he or she may not believe it is unlawful if it is a sample and/or if a physician is giving it the okay.

Reason # 2 – Failing to Adhere to an Alcohol or Drug Treatment Program

If you have sought, and/or are currently seeking treatment as part of an alcohol or drug program, you likely have to fulfill certain requirements in order to keep your Kansas nursing license.  If you do not comply with the program, your Kansas nursing license could be at risk, and it may be difficult to get your license back in the future.

Reason # 3 – Altering Medical Records

Patient medical records are highly confidential and protected by HIPAA laws.  Altering medical records can significantly harm any medical professional’s license.  There are times when medical professionals may alter a medical record, but do so with the intention of correcting something grammatical or miniscule.  Even though this conduct seems relatively innocent, it still may be considered an alteration, which could put your Kansas nursing license at risk.

Reason # 4 – Criminal Conduct

If you are convicted of a crime, your license will undoubtedly be brought into question.  Depending on what the crime is, you may receive minimal punishment, such as a private or public reprimand, or your license may be suspended or revoked.

Reason # 5 – Medical Malpractice

Just like physicians, nurses may face allegations of medical malpractice.  If a patient alleges that he or she has been harmed due to something you did or did not do, your license may be at risk if a patient is ultimately successful.  Although lawsuits do not necessarily reach a fair result, mere accusations of negligence can shed you in a negative light, and the licensing board may review the situation to determine if you should be able to keep your Kansas nursing license.

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As a Kansas nurse, you have worked hard to earn the license that you have today.  Losing your Kansas nursing license can be a devastating experience, making you feel as though your world has come crashing down.  If you are facing the potential loss of your Kansas nursing license, it is imperative that you consult with a skilled legal professional as soon as you learn that your license may be at risk.  With the help of an attorney, you will have a better understanding of what you are facing and what the potential consequences are.  Kansas Professional License Defense Attorney Danielle Sanger of the Sanger Law Office has the experience and dedication necessary to provide you with the legal representation that you need and deserve.  As a former Assistant Attorney General of Kansas, Ms. Sanger provides a unique perspective to her clients that is not shared by many other attorneys.  If you would like to speak with Ms. Sanger about your situation, contact the Sanger Law Office today by calling (785) 979-4353 to schedule your free consultation.