Missouri Licensing Board Endeavors To Make Our Buildings Safe

The Missouri Board of Architecture, Engineers, Land Surveyors, and Landscape Architects (“the Board”) provides an invaluable service to the public. The Board ensures that the professionals who plan and construct the buildings in which we live, work, and play are competent and properly licensed. The Board establishes the ethical duties of its member licensees as well as the code of conduct for its members. Missouri professional licensing attorney Danielle Sanger represents licensees who are being investigated by the Board for conduct they claim falls below their standards.

The Board was created by the Missouri legislature with the mandate of ensuring the structural integrity of Missouri’s buildings. The statute confers the power to the Board to issue licenses to practice as an architect, engineer, land surveyor, or landscape architect. The statute also bestows the authority upon the Board to discipline those licensees. After investigation into allegations of wrongdoing, the Board may file a complaint with Missouri’s administration hearings commission to seek adjudication of the allegations. There are numerous reasons for which a complaint may be filed. These reasons are not arbitrary but rather bare directly upon whether the licensee is competent to perform in his or her profession. Alcohol and/or drug use that impairs the ability of the licensee to competently perform may be disciplined. A conviction in state or federal court, or a plea of nolo contendre, that relates to the ability to function in the profession or an adjudication of a crime involving fraud or deceit, or an act of violence may be disciplined, even if a sentence is not imposed. Engaging in any fraud, deceit, bribery, or misrepresentation may also be disciplined.  Similarly, incompetence, gross negligence or misconduct while performing the duties of a licensee may be punished. Adverse license action may also be taken for holding oneself out as a licensee without holding a valid license or assisting a person in that capacity. Further still, violations of the public trust, false or misleading advertising, failing to properly display a license, or being disciplined by another licensing authority will subject the licensee to a facing a disciplinary complaint. Lastly, being adjudicated incompetent or disabled by a court will cause the licensee to face adverse action.

The Board has the discretion to mete out punishment as prescribed by law. The statute provides for various forms of punishment, including censure or probation. The probationary term may not exceed 5 years and may include terms designed to prevent further ethical violations. The Board may also take more serious action. The Board can levy a fine or suspend practice for up to 3 years. Most significantly, the Board may revoke a license to practice in one of the named professions. In fact, the Board has revoked approximately 47 licenses as of November 20, 2015. Furthermore, there are currently eight licensees on probation and none on suspension. However, 10 licensees are listed as suspended for failure to pay taxes. That status is known as a “House Bill 600” suspension.

Licensees must comply with the statutory grounds to remain in good standing with the Board, and they also must follow the Code of Professional Conduct.  The Board has the authority to make regulations, such as the Code of Professional Conduct, to maintain public trust in the profession. Any violation of the Code of Professional Conduct may result in the Board filing a complaint for discipline. The Code of Professional Conduct requires licensees to act with “reasonable care and competence” and to “apply technical skill” required of architects, engineers, land surveyors, and landscape architects.  Additionally, these professionals are to avoid self-dealing and represent themselves to the degree they are trained and educated.

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