Physical Therapists in Kansas or Missouri Facing Professional Discipline Should Turn to Professional Licensing Attorney Danielle Sanger for Impassioned Defense

Facing professional discipline is a daunting time in a physical therapist’s career. A physical therapist should not feel like they are a bad person merely because the Board of Healing Arts levied a complaint against them. Mistakes do happen, but that does not mean that the physical therapist should never practice again. It could mean that the Board of Healing Arts in Kansas or Missouri will seek sanctions against their license. A physical therapist in that position must seek legal advice from a competent and experienced professional licensing attorney who practices in Kansas and Missouri such as Danielle Sanger, Esq.

Having a vigorous and aggressive professional licensing advocate on your side could mean the difference between continuing practicing in your chosen profession and searching for supplemental work because your license to practice is suspended or revoked. Not just any attorney will suffice. Professional disciplinary attorney Danielle Sanger has the experience, dedication, devotion, and competence you need.

Your inclination might be to fight the government on your own. Representing yourself is a path that could have severe consequences. Most people who represent themselves get caught up in the emotional aspect of the proceedings. It is hard to think clearly, to know your options, and execute a plan to protect your professional and personal well-being when you must counter allegations of misconduct, especially if they are untrue or exaggerated. Having a professional licensing attorney by your side from the inception of the investigation into your alleged misconduct will help you achieve the best result for you and your family.

Facing professional discipline is a dire situation that could have potentially drastic consequences for you and your family. Disciplinary boards have broad discretion on the penalty they can fashion for a physical therapist who runs afoul of the rules governing the profession. The Board of Healing Arts could impose sanctions ranging from a censure and a private reprimand to revocation. There are intermediate sanctions available to the Board of Healing Arts as well. The Board of Healing Arts has the authority to issue a public reprimand, probation for a length of time with conditions or limitations on the physical therapist’s ability to practice, suspension, or revocation.

Suspension and revocation are typically reserved for the worst cases. The Board of Healing Arts will impose such severe sanctions when a patient or patients of the physical therapist suffered an injury, be it physical, emotional, or monetary. Alternatively, the Board of Healing Arts will examine the physical therapist’s background for prior discipline and determine that previous sanctions have not corrected unlawful behavior and therefore the physical therapist must be ordered to stop practicing.

No matter the punishment, the goal for the Board of Healing Arts is to protect the public. The physical therapist has the opportunity to demonstrate that any sanction should be limited in scope, limited in duration, and not be too onerous. A savvy and experienced professional licensing attorney will have the ability to argue in your favor persuasively.

The physical therapist who is facing professional discipline has other rights beyond the right to choose counsel. Any professional against whom discipline is sought has the right to a hearing before a neutral and detached magistrate, to confront and cross-examine witnesses who testify against them, and to know the evidence the government has that supports its claim. Also, the physical therapist has the right to call witnesses on their own behalf and testify on their own behalf. Additionally, the physical therapist has the right to appeal all adverse rulings to a court of law after all administrative remedies have been exhausted.

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