RNs and Disciplinary Actions

As a society, we ask so much of our nurses. Nurses are a doctor’s second pair of eyes and ears to assist in the clinical setting, but they are so much more. Patients look to nurses for a kind word, a reassuring touch, compassion, and companionship. Nurses, in short, are the lynch pin of the medical profession.

Registered nurses or “RNs” work long and hard to obtain their professional licenses to become RNs. Your RN license is not merely a card with a registration number. It represents so much more. Your RN license is the culmination of years of exhausting work, study, and devotion to a profession. Being an RN is more than a job, it is a calling. So when a patient or employer claims you have violated the rules and regulations governing the nursing profession, you need to fight back and protect your livelihood and your way of life.

That is why if you are an RN who is facing professional discipline in Missouri or Kansas, you need someone to help protect your rights to your professional license. Attorney Danielle Sanger is the lawyer for you. Attorney Sanger prides herself on presenting clients zealously and to the best of her ability at all times.

Experienced Professional Licensing Attorney With Proven Results

Attorney Sanger’s has vast experience representing clients facing professional discipline. Before opening her law practice, Attorney Sanger worked for the Kansas Attorney General’s Office as an Assistant Attorney General assigned to represent the Kansas State Board of Nursing in disciplinary and licensing disputes. Attorney Sanger’s experience as an Assistant Attorney General afforded her the opportunity gain extensive knowledge about disciplinary investigative procedures, administrative law procedure, as well as evidentiary issues. The skills and experience Attorney Sanger gained representing the Kansas State Board of Nursing has greatly benefited her clients.

Know Your Rights

You have valuable rights to your professional license as an RN. The government cannot simply take your license away without giving you due process of law. Due process is not some idle legal theory. Rather, the notion of Due Process is guaranteed by the 5th Amendment to the United States Constitution. In accordance with your Due Process rights, you have the right to receive notice of the complaints lodged against you and to know of the evidence the prosecution has that supports their claim against you. Also, you have a right to a full and fair hearing, with the opportunity to cross-examine witnesses.  In addition, you have the right to present witnesses to testify on your own behalf. Lastly, you have the right of appeal to a court of law after you have exhausted all of your administrative remedies.

What To Do If You Learn That You Are Under Investigation

Contact a qualified and experienced occupational licensing attorney such as Attorney Sanger. You have the right to representation of your choosing. Do not wait to see if it all blows over. Aligning yourself with a zealous advocate early in the process could help you achieve a better result for you and your family. The worst thing you can do is waiting and see if it all passes, by then it could be too late.

Potential Discipline

The State Board of Nursing has several options if the complaint against you is proved. The particular sanction, or sanctions, can vary from a private reprimand to revocation of license. The licensing authority will consider your work history, past complaints if any, and perhaps most importantly, the severity of the allegations, among other factors to determine your punishment.

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