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Kansas and Missouri Dental Licensing Attorney Danielle Sanger Discusses How Insufficiently Certified Dental Assistants Can Jeopardize Your License

I have represented many dentists in Missouri and Kansas accused of misconduct.  Allegations against dentists frequently stem from their dental assistants’ conduct, not their own.  Specifically, dentists are alleged to have allowed dental assistants and hygienists to conduct procedures that are reserved for those holding a dental license. This is a challenging allegation for a dentist, as even if he or she was unaware of the hygienists’ conduct, that failure to adequately supervise might be yet another violation.  So the dentist is in a Catch-22—either admit to allowing the uncertified conduct or admit to failing to adequately supervise. The strategy I employ to defend against these allegations varies, but I am always at a disadvantage if the dentist has already spoken to the licensing board or its investigator or has ignored the charges. If you are a dentist and are facing an investigation, contact an experienced licensing attorney immediately.

If you are a dentist in Kansas or Missouri facing an allegation of misconduct or an investigation, call attorney Sanger today at 785-979-4353 to schedule a free consultation. Your career, reputation, and livelihood are at risk, and the challenge facing you is one you cannot work your way through alone

Do Not Allow Dental Assistants to Perform Tasks Above their Certification Level

Specific tasks, such as observing a dental patient under anesthesia, can only be performed by assistants with special certification.  Whether because of understaffing, poor office management, or laziness, dentists sometimes allow their assistants to handle procedures for which they are not qualified. Serious accidents and death can ensue, resulting in lawsuits against the doctor along with a potential loss of licensure.

Make it clear to your employees in writing that they are not to engage in any procedure for which they are not appropriately certified.  That sort of written policy will be a tremendous aid to your case if an employee later claims that you knew that he or she was inappropriately engaging in certain uncertified practices. Similarly, pay for your employees to attain all of the certifications you could need them to have in the course of their employment. This sort of problem cannot occur if they possess the necessary certifications.

What Should You Do if You Allegations Arise?

The worst thing you can do if allegations or an investigation arises against you is to respond.  You have probably heard the saying “everything you say can and will be used against you” on crime shows—the same thing applies here.  While you may feel that the best thing to do is to be honest and upfront when questioned by an investigator, this impulse will prove to be disastrous.  Instead, tell the investigator that “I would be happy to speak with you about any questions you may have, but will want to consult with an attorney first.”  Once you hire an attorney, do not discuss the incident or allegations with anyone other than your attorney, as those non-privileged conversations can be used in court against you as well.

Contact an Experienced Kansas and Missouri Licensing Attorney Now for the Advice You Need

If you are a dentist in Missouri or Kansas and have received a notice of investigation, your livelihood and career are in jeopardy. You have worked too hard to attain your dental license to lose it because you failed to attain professional legal advice when you needed it. You need to speak to a licensing attorney as soon as you become aware that there are allegations concerning your professional conduct or ethics.  Contacting an experienced licensing attorney now can mean the difference between getting back to helping your patients and losing your career forever.

Kansas and Missouri professional licensing attorney Danielle Sanger is prepared to advocate for your best interests and defend your dental license. Call Attorney Sanger at 785-979-4353 to schedule a free consultation with an attorney experienced dealing with professional licensing issues.