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Social Media and Nursing Licenses

More than two billion people across the globe are using Facebook. And that is only one of the many social media platforms being used by people to socialize, network, or just share their point of view. In some instances, social media can be useful for professionals. When it comes to those working in the nursing profession, these sites may help foster professional contacts, allow healthcare workers to share best practices or supporting information, or just allow for busy working professionals to stay in touch with friends and family.

When used properly, there can be many benefits to social media. Unfortunately, it is also easy for a single mistake or instance of bad judgment to have long-lasting effects on a person’s life and livelihood. It is possible for a nurse to post things online that will end up hurting them in the real world, potentially even creating a threat to their nursing license.

Judging What to Post

When determining if something is appropriate to post, it is a good idea to think about whether it would be an acceptable thought, comment, or photo to share in the workplace. There are some areas to be extra cautious about though.

Patient Privacy

One thing that will quickly lead to problems is posting personal information relating to patients. This could include photos that happen to have a patient in them. Posting this content would be viewed as a breach of privacy and can lead to an action against your license, as well as lawsuits, termination, and other unpleasant consequences. In some instances, the posts may have been well-intended as a way to get professional advice from a colleague. However, the results can be devastating for a nurse.

Do Not Complain About Work

Nurses can face trouble for posting about their employer or co-workers in a negative manner. This should apply to any job, as complaining online about your employer can obviously be problematic. It is not always clear who will see your post.

Personal Life Posts

While it might seem unfair, a person’s personal life can be considered in grounds for disciplinary action against that person in the nursing field. In one instance, a nurse’s license was placed on a three-year probation after his employer learned that he had received a DUI. While the DUI was not related to his professional duties, the court found that the Board of Nursing had the right to punish the professional.

Posting anything that suggests any violent or illegal conduct on the part of the nurse could be a problem, even if it was intended as a joke. Additionally, explicit sexual content and racially insensitive posts should be avoided.

Whenever using social media, the bottom line is to be cautious and always think twice before sharing a post. If you ever have a doubt about whether the post is appropriate, it is probably best not to take a chance.

Receiving notice that disciplinary actions have been initiated against you can be frightening. These charges, even if they seem unwarranted, should be taken very seriously. Hiring an attorney is a wise decision as the administrative process can be difficult and complex.

If you find yourself facing a challenge to your Missouri or Kansas nursing license or disciplinary action for something you posted on social media, Sanger Law can help you defend your case. Contact the Missouri and Kansas Nursing License Defense Attorney at Sanger Law today at (785) 979-4353.