The Importance of Speaking With an Attorney If You Are Facing Disciplinary Action

Most people understand the importance of waiting to speak with an attorney before communicating with police if they have been suspected of, or charged of committing a crime.  This rule of thumb also applies in the professional licensing context.  If you say something after being accused of misconduct, what you say could be used against you in disciplinary proceedings, and what you say could lead you to lose your professional license in Kansas or Missouri.

What Should I Do Once I Receive Notice That My Professional License is at Risk?

The second you become aware that your professional license is at risk, you should immediately seek the advice of a professional license defense attorney.  You may think that because you are innocent and should not be subject to possibly losing your professional license, that there’s no need to retain legal counsel.  While you may believe there’s no chance you could face disciplinary action and lose your professional license, you need to be prepared for what your governing licensing board will say and do.  A professional license defense attorney will prepare you for everything you may be facing and what happens during a disciplinary proceeding.

As mentioned briefly above, it is imperative that you speak with an attorney BEFORE speaking with anyone else.  This includes absolutely any person, including family members, friends, patients, co-workers, and anyone else.  Even if you believe other people will keep your information confidential, there can be no guarantee of this.  An attorney has a duty to keep what you say confidential as attorney-client communication.  You can be rest assured that a qualified professional license defense attorney will not disclose your private information.

What Happens After I Speak With an Attorney?

What occurs after you seek legal counsel is different for every person, as each person’s situation carries with it unique facts.  Your attorney may determine that there is very little evidence that you committed any wrongdoing, and therefore your professional license is unlikely to be taken away from you.  However, if your attorney is concerned that there is some evidence that could lead a disciplinary board to consider taking your professional license away, your attorney will begin to prepare a defense on your behalf and advocate for you as to why you should not lose your professional license.

What About the Cost of Retaining an Attorney?

Retaining legal counsel often brings a cost as an attorney must be compensated to provide the best legal representation possible.  However, a skilled and ethical attorney will provide outstanding legal services at a reasonable cost.  Remember, it is more important to retain your professional license than to suffer the consequences of possibly never being able to work as a physician, attorney, veterinarian, physical therapist, or any other profession requiring a license in Kansas or Missouri.  The sooner you seek legal counsel, the better, and during this time of representation, worrying about the cost of representation should not be your biggest concern.

The Sanger Law Office Provides You With a Free Consultation to Discuss Your Case

If you are facing disciplinary action from your governing professional licensing board, and you believe your professional license may be at risk, you need to speak with experienced legal counsel as soon as possible.  At the Sanger Law Office, Danielle Sanger, with her experience as both a prosecutor and professional license defense attorney, will evaluate all facts of your case and provide you with an honest opinion as to how you should go forward.  This advice is offered during an initial free consultation.  It may turn out that the likelihood that you will face disciplinary action or lose your license is low, but you will not know this until you speak with an attorney.  To schedule your free consultation with Danielle Sanger at the Sanger Law Office, contact us today by calling 785-979-4353, or you may contact us online and we will call you right away.