A Winning Defense Starts with a Thorough Investigation

Professionals facing discipline must contact counsel as soon as they learn about the allegations levied against them. Putting off speaking with experienced, knowledgeable, and successful professional disciplinary defense attorney will place you at a substantial disadvantage. The government tries to build strong cases against a licensee, and you should suffer severe consequences unless you have a powerful advocate fighting for you.

As a professional licensee in Kansas or Missouri, you have the absolute right to have counsel that you choose to represent you at every milestone of the disciplinary action, including the investigatory phase. Waiting until you receive a formal complaint to retain an attorney who is highly skilled and motivated to vigorously defend your best interest could have severe adverse consequences and potentially weaken your defense.

Kansas and Missouri professional licensing defense attorney Danielle Sanger dedicated her law practice to defending professional licensees who face potential discipline. The depth of Attorney Sanger’s experience will put you in the most advantageous position possible. Attorney Sanger can call upon her vast experience defending professional license holders to mount an aggressive defense. Additionally, Attorney Sanger can call upon her experience as a prosecutor with the Kansas Attorney General’s Office who litigated disciplinary actions before numerous state boards and administrative bodies to anticipate and then rebut the government’s arguments.

Having an attorney you can count on representing you during an investigatory stage will put you in the best posture possible so you can keep your license and continue practicing in your chosen profession. Contacting your professional licensing defense attorney immediately after you learn about possible allegations of wrongdoing will give your attorney a leg up on the government’s case. You might experience the temptation to contact the investigating authority and try to talk your way out of the situation. Remember, however, that your words can be used against you. Therefore, you should never contact the disciplinary board without speaking to a lawyer first.

Engaging your attorney in an exhaustive and frank discussion about the allegations is the first step in your defense. The attorney-client privilege protects this conversation. Therefore, you should feel free to open up to your attorney about what you think happened and why. The initial conversation is also an opportune time to name witnesses who could provide information that is beneficial to your defense. There are many instances when your attorney can talk to these witnesses and obtain their perspective about the allegations before the witnesses speak to the government’s investigators.

Talking with your attorney during the infancy of an investigation will help you develop a strategy to remain in practice. An experienced professional licensing defense attorney like Danielle Sanger will help you understand the potential penalties you face if the allegations are sustained after a hearing and how the potential disciplinary action might affect your business or your employment. The strategy you devise might include contacting the disciplinary board and offer a resolution without a hearing, even before a formal complaint is lodged. Accepting responsibility in certain circumstances might help you receive a reduced sanction that allows you to continue your practice with minimal intrusion, interruption, cost, and notoriety.

When you engage your attorney in the earliest stages of disciplinary action, you are providing your lawyer with the greatest opportunity to obtain physical evidence that is vital to your defense which you might otherwise lose if you wait too long to act. Additionally, getting your attorney involved immediately could put you in a favorable light with the disciplinary board. For example, if you are fighting addiction, then you could work with your attorney to get into a rehabilitation program before being ordered to do so by the disciplinary board. Taking responsibility and addressing shortfalls demonstrates your willingness to better yourself and preserve the safety of the public.

Experience Matters Mot

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