Addiction Amongst Medical Professionals Resulting in Licensing Discipline

People working in the medical profession deal with a lot of stress, pain, and anguish. Although these feelings aren’t limited to the medical professionals endure experiences that are unique and stressful. Medical professionals, and doctors endure adverse patient outcomes and deal with the strain of running a medical practice. Often times, these medical professionals turn to drugs and/or alcohol to handle the stress, anxiety, and depression.

Medical professionals experience fatigue and exhaustion because their jobs are unrelenting. Doctors and nurses do not have healthy sleep schedules leading to depression. A doctor’s or nurse’s duty of care owed to their patients cannot acquiesce to how the caregiver feels on a given day.

Doctors suffering from the effects of alcohol or drug misuse can face professional discipline jeopardizing their career, and their future. When facing these issues, you need an advocate to help you get through this difficult time. Missouri and Kansas professional licensing attorney Danielle Sanger helps medical professionals keep their license when they are facing professional discipline due to an addiction to drugs or alcohol. With Attorney Sanger by your side, you have an attorney devoted to her practice and defending the rights of professional licensees.

How Do Medical Professionals Become Addicted?

Paradoxically, doctors become addicted to medications, drugs, and/or alcohol with great regularity although they know the health consequences. Notwithstanding the health risks, doctors often turn to prescription drugs due to the ease of access to medication. Fortunately, doctors have the education and training to understand when they need help. Addicted doctors are often amenable to treatment after they admit that they have a problem.

Seeking Treatment before Facing Disciplinary Hearings Can Minimize Adverse Outcomes

Obtaining medical treatment for addiction and committing yourself to sobriety prior to facing professional discipline will help ease the severity of professional punishment.

Kansas Professional Licensing Attorney Danielle Sanger is available to help you get your career back on track. Your professional is too valuable to allow the clutch of substance abuse to ruin your career and your personal life. Call Attorney Sanger today at 785-979-4353 to learn more about your legal options if you are under investigation for or are facing discipline for substance abuse as a medical professional.