Disciplinary Hearings Before the Kansas Board of Technical Professions

The Kansas Board of Technical Professions, or “the Board,” possesses the authority to take away a licensee’s livelihood by revoking, suspending, or placing a limitation of practice upon a technical professional’s license. Therefore, you should not only have competent counsel representing you and your interests but enlist the services of a Kansas professional discipline attorney who has the depth and breadth of experience to defeat the government’s attempts to take away your ability to make a living for you and your family.

In Kansas and in Missouri, professional licensing lawyer Danielle Sanger is the attorney in whom you and your family may place great confidence to protect you from the harsh decisions handed down by professional licensing disciplinary boards. Attorney Sanger understands the stakes involved when defending a professional licensee before any disciplinary board. Accordingly, Attorney Sanger relies heavily on her experience representing clients before boards of discipline as well as her experience prosecuting these matters on behalf of the government. Attorney Sanger will use her expertise and experience to guide you through any disciplinary action you are facing.

Section 74-7001, along with the accompanying statutes, is the originating statute for the governance of technical professions. The statute governing “technical professions” encompasses a wide range of occupations. According to the statute, technical professions include architects, landscape architects, construction administration, professional engineer, professional geologist, and professional surveyor.

Section 74-7001 defines the standard of care, according to which, each professional must conduct his or her business. Subsection (v) of 74-7001 defines the professional standard of care for Kansas technical professionals as the duty to act according to the degree of learning and skill ordinarily exhibited by a professional licensee in Kansas. The definition of a technical professional’s standard of care sounds like circular reasoning at first blush. However, in practicality, the duty of care a technical professional owes to his or her clients is defined by the traditions and prevailing best practices of the region in which the professional practices.

Section 74-7026 establishes professional conduct by which all technical professionals must abide. Failing to adhere to any of the standards of conduct established by 74-7026 is grounds for professional discipline. The Kansas State Board of Technical Professions, or “the Board,” enforces disciplinary rules and imposes discipline if a member of the Technical Professions commits a transgression.

Grounds for disciplinary action include committing fraud or deceit regarding statutory licensing requirements, gross negligence, misconduct, incompetence, or a reckless disregard for the rights of another person, a conviction for a felony in Kansas or any other jurisdiction of the United States, a violation of the rules and regulations set out by the Board, or using a professional seal on work not produced by, or under the direction of, the licensed technical professional.

The Board retains a great amount of discretion when meting out discipline. The can, in its discretion, place a limitation on the licensee’s ability to practice, suspend, or revoke the technical professional’s license. Additionally, the Board may publicly or private censure the licensee. In conjunction with the authority to discipline the individual licensee, the Board possesses the statutory authority to discipline any business entity engaged in a technical profession as though the entity was an individual. The Board may reissue a suspended or revoked technical license, provided that at least seven members of the Board vote for reinstatement.

Protecting Your Rights

If you are a technical professional facing licensing discipline in Kansas, the first step you must take prior to contacting the Board to respond to the allegations pending against you is to call Kansas Professional Licensing Attorney Danielle Sanger. Attorney Sanger will protect your rights to practice in your chosen profession so that you can make a living and support your family. Get Attorney Sanger on your side by calling 785-979-4353 today.