Doctors Must Fight to Keep Their Disciplinary Actions Private

Making sure disciplinary actions are kept away from public view helps keep a physician’s practice in business even when the doctor is on probation. According to Consumer Reports, approximately 66% of people polled, favor a policy preventing physicians on probation from treating any patients until the their probation has been completed.  82% of people surveyed think state licensing boards should create new rules that mandate doctors, who are on probation, to report their probation to their patients. They would be required to explain why the physician is on probation, for how long, and for what was the infraction or infractions the licensing authority disciplined the doctor. Physicians who are facing disciplinary action must to maintain their privacy as they continue to practice medicine during their probationary term.

Missouri and Kansas professional licensing attorney Danielle Sanger knows the challenges doctors deal with when facing professional discipline. A physician who is being investigated for a violation of the professional standards needs to weigh their options when negotiating a resolution or contesting the charges. Attorney Sanger has dedicated her law practice to representing doctors, health care professionals, nurses, and other professional licensees. Attorney Sanger has a thorough understanding of administrative law in both Missouri and Kansas. A doctor who is facing a disciplinary hearing can rely on her knowledge and experience to develop a winning legal defense that protects your medical license so you can earn a living while you rectify the alleged problems that brought you before the medical licensing board.

Doctors are human who can encounter issues from time to time. These issues may be a complaint from an employee or patient concerning matters such as sexual harassment, incorrectly prescribing medication, substance abuse, or criminal offenses. These allegations may be minor, but a doctor should take all complaints very seriously.

Kansas and Missouri medical licensing boards know that the must strike a balance between public safety and opportunity for the physician to rehabilitate themself. Probationary periods, public reprimands, suspensions, and revocation of the doctor’s medical license are harsh punishments and are assessed by the licensing boards. These determinations are based on factors such as the severity of the infraction, the severity of the injury, the length of time in practice, the outcome of a criminal prosecution, and the egregiousness of the physician’s behavior.

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