Kansas and Missouri Professional Licensing Attorney Danielle Sanger: Why Do False Claims of Sexual Misconduct Arise

False claims of sexual misconduct arise against medical professionals, and those claims jeopardize your professional licensure. Whether you are a doctor, a nurse, or physical therapist, your license is critical to your livelihood. While it took you years to attain your license, a claim of sexual misconduct can it can be taken from you in an instant because of a false claim. But why would someone make a false claim against you?

Before answering this question, it’s critical to understand that if a claim of sexual misconduct is made against you, you must retain experienced licensing counsel immediately. Given their nature, there is often little or no physical evidence supporting these claims, so having a skilled attorney that can attack your accuser’s motives and credibility is vital. Attorney Sanger has represented hundreds of medical professionals in Kansas and Missouri and is the sort of advocate you need by your side if your licensure is threatened.

Revenge or Refusal to Perform Illegal Procedures

Patients sometimes ask their medical professionals to lie on their behalf. Whether the lie is to extend a disability benefit that they no longer have a right to or to access painkillers that they no longer need, some patients have a motive to get a medical professional to cheat the system and provide them with undue benefits. If the medical professional refuses, the patient threatens or makes an allegation to attain leverage or revenge. Obviously, any such requests by patients need to be refused. Your refusal should be documented should your actions or credibility need to be established later.


Being sexually attracted to other people is normal. Patients sometimes proposition medical professionals sexually. Hopefully, the professional possesses the requisite level of character to refuse such offers. Unfortunately, while the medical professional acted appropriately, the refusal can anger the patient, who then makes a claim out of self-gratification.  That means that the claim is driven by either retaliation for being rebuked or the fantasy of a mentally unstable patient. If a patient propositions you sexually, it is again important to document the proposition and refusal in case a subsequent false claim arises.


False claims of sexual misconduct sometimes arise because the patient believes the medical provider will pay them to be quiet or go away. There is a common perception that medical providers have money to burn, so some patients believe that their false claims could result in a high dollar payout. Even if you could pay your way out of the problem, however, you are just prolonging the problem. A patient paid once will return for more later. This is never a satisfactory way of dealing with a claim of sexual misconduct. The payment themselves will make you look guilty, and there is still no reason the patient cannot make a formal claim of misconduct.

With the help of experienced counsel, you can successfully defend your license from a claim of sexual misconduct. But trying to deal with the situation informally or on your own will likely end in disaster. Only an experienced licensing attorney can protect your licensure as a medical professional and your livelihood.

If you are a medical professional in Kansas or Missouri and are facing a claim of sexual misconduct, call Danielle Sanger today.

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