Kansas and Missouri Professional Licensing Attorney Danielle Sanger Explains What Physicians Should Do if Accused of Cheating on Board Examinations

As a physician, your board certification is your ticket to a career and livelihood. I am sometimes asked whether that board certification can be jeopardized by allegations of cheating. The answer to that question is definitely “yes.’ If you find yourself asking this question because you have been accused of cheating on a board examination, you need to retain a competent licensing attorney immediately so that your medical license can be protected proactively. The Sanger Law Office has a long track record of successfully providing this sort of defense to Kansas and Missouri physicians.

It caught most licensing attorneys attention in 2010 when the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) investigated and sanctioned 139 physicians accused of participating in cheating on a board exam. This is a cautionary tale for anyone taking an exam to attain board certification, as the penalties for these physicians were severe. Specifically, they had their board certifications revoked or suspended for one to five years. As you can imagine, that sort of delay in being able to practice in your chosen specialty has tremendous financial and reputational harm.

Steps To Take if You Are Accused of Cheating on a Board Certification Exam:

This is simply too serious a situation to try to resolve it on your own.  Hire an experienced licensing attorney immediately. Attorney Sanger has the experience you need to successfully represent you before professional and administrative bodies. Be honest with your attorney.  He or she can only represent you if they possess all of the relevant facts.  The worst thing for your defense is for your attorney to be caught off guard by facts they were unaware of.

Do not share your story on social media, in emails, or in writing.  Those communications can easily be shared and passed along to the professional or administrative body investigating you.

Inform your employer that these allegations have been made against you. Being forthcoming about this situation may preserve your position and will show that you are acting in good faith. If you alert your employer to these allegations, you may be able to renegotiate your contract, take on different duties, and otherwise preserve your livelihood while these allegations are pending.

Keep track of deadlines. Make sure that your attorney is aware of deadlines and that all deadlines are met. If you need an extension, ask for it in writing and make sure any approval is also in writing. Hiring an attorney to keep track of deadlines and filing requirements is the best way to manage these complex requirements..

What Should You Do If You are Accused of Cheating?

You have rights if you are accused of cheating on a board certification exam.  You have a right to due process before a decision is made that strips you of your career.  This is not the sort of due process you might see in a courtroom, but it is no less important. Having a zealous advocate by your side challenging the validity of the evidence against you and challenging or cross-examining those who testify against you is not a luxury, it is a necessity.

If you are a doctor in Kansas or Missouri and are facing a threat to your board certification, call Danielle Sanger today.

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