Kansas Attorneys – Reapplying for a Law License After Revocation

The loss of a license to practice law in Kansas is often a career-ender and leaves attorneys feeling helpless and hopeless.  While attorneys who have been indefinitely suspended or disbarred can reapply for admission to the Kansas bar after a period of time, the process of being stripped of your ability to practice law can cause you extreme hardship, both emotionally and financially.  Regardless of what the reason was for the loss of your Kansas law license, you have the opportunity to start fresh with a clean slate.

If your Kansas law license has been indefinitely suspended, you can apply for the reinstatement of your license to practice law three years from the date you were effectively stripped of your law license.  If you were disbarred and your law license was completely revoked, you must wait five years before applying for the reinstatement of your license to practice law.  This may seem like a long period of time, however, some states require disbarred attorneys to wait even longer before applying for readmission, so five years may not be as long as it seems.  Still, the inability to make a living as a Kansas attorney will seem like an eternity until the time comes when the attorney can apply for readmission to the bar.

Factors Considered Upon Application for Reinstatement

When an attorney is eligible for reapplying to the Kansas bar, he or she must file a Verified Petition for Reinstatement.  Along with this petition is a required filing fee that can be quite expensive, currently at $1,250.  The attorney will then undergo a reinstatement hearing to discuss the reasons why the attorney wishes to reinstate his or her law license, and what facts exist to support the reinstatement of his or her license to practice law in Kansas.  The Kansas Supreme Court will review the application, and if it determines there has been sufficient time since the loss of the law license to consider reinstatement, the Court will order the Office of Disciplinary Administrator to conduct an investigation, evaluating the application to determine if there are grounds for reinstatement.  Factors considered when making a decision as to whether or not an attorney’s application for reinstatement of his or her law license should be granted include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • The attorney’s current moral character and fitness, demonstrating his or her ability to comply with the rules of professional conduct and all other laws as a practicing Kansas attorney;
  • Whether or not the attorney has recognized his or her prior wrongdoing and has been adequately rehabilitated to the point where the attorney is unlikely to repeat the same misconduct if reinstated;
  • The attorney has fully complied with all prior orders of the Supreme Court since the time of disbarment; and
  • The attorney currently possesses the necessary legal skills to provide clients with competent legal representation.

While it can be challenging to obtain a law license upon application for reinstatement, it can happen with the help of a qualified Kansas Professional License Defense Attorney.  It is best to explore your options right away after losing your law license so you can prepare early in the hopes of eventually being reinstated in the future.

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Being indefinitely suspended or disbarred as a Kansas attorney places your entire future in jeopardy.  While there is a glimmer of hope for Kansas attorneys to reinstate their license to practice law, the process is tricky and the result may not always be to allow reinstatement, as the process is entirely discretionary.  If you wish to reinstate your law license or are facing the potential loss of your Kansas law license, you should speak with a Kansas Professional License Defense Attorney who will fight to help you keep or reinstate your license to practice law.  At the Sanger Law Office, Danielle Sanger provides Kansas attorneys and other professionals with the legal representation they deserve, helping them get through an uphill battle.  While not all applications for reinstatement are successful, it is well worth the fight, as there certainly are times that attorneys are able to demonstrate why they should be considered for reinstatement to the Kansas bar.  To speak with Danielle Sanger about your case, contact the Sanger Law Office today by calling (785) 979-4353 to schedule your free consultation.