Kansas Dentists – Top Reasons For Losing Dental License

There are a variety of ways to lose a dental license, and the loss of a dental license can be detrimental to your ability to carry on your profession as a Kansas dentist.  Such reasons for the loss of a Kansas dental license are often the same reasons why attorneys, physicians, nurses, chiropractors, veterinarians, and other professionals lose their licenses.  However, in the case of dentistry, certain conduct may be deemed much more serious than it otherwise would in another profession, such as the practice of law.

Common reasons why Kansas dentists lose their professional licenses include, but are certainly not limited to, the following:

  • Drug or alcohol abuse that goes untreated – The Kansas Dental Board wants dentists to receive treatment for any alcohol or drug problem, as such problems can affect the dentist’s ability to safely care for his or her patients.  If the Kansas Dental Board becomes aware of a dentist’s substance abuse, the Board will recommend that the dentist receive treatment in order to keep his or her dental license.  After receiving treatment, if a dentist can demonstrate that he or she has recovered and is able to provide patients with safe and effective care, then the dentist may be able to continue working as a dentist.  However, if the dentist relapses and places patients at risk for serious injury or death, then the Kansas Dental Board may consider revoking the dental license.
  • Unauthorized prescription practices – Because dentists can prescribe medication as physicians can, many dentists use their ability to obtain prescription medication to either obtain the medication for him or herself for recreational purposes (such as strong pain medication), and/or obtains the prescription for the benefit of another person, the Kansas Dental Board may consider revoking the dentist’s license.
  • Malpractice – If a dentist has seriously injured or killed a patient, the reason for the injury or death was a clear act of negligence, and such negligence could have been prevented, the Kansas Dental Board will question whether or not the dentist is fit to continue putting patients’ lives at risk.

Dentists are held to a very high standard, and they must always be in compliance with the Kansas Dental Board’s rules and regulations, in addition to all state and federal laws.  In addition to the reasons listed above, criminal conduct could result in the loss of a dentist’s license, depending on the nature and severity of the crime.  Because so much is at stake when facing the potential loss of your professional license, it is important to act quickly to protect your rights and interests as a Kansas dentist. 

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The loss of your dental license can have devastating consequences for the foreseeable future.  While many dentists who have previously lost their license may be able to reapply and regain the dental license in the future, the prior loss of your dental license is information that could put your reputation at risk.  When facing the potential loss of your Kansas dental license, it is crucial to do everything you can to show the Kansas Dental Board why you deserve to keep your license.  In order to utilize all resources available to you, it is essential that you consider working with a Kansas Professional License Defense Attorney who has helped dentists overcome the hurdle of almost losing their dental license, convincing the Kansas Dental Board that the revocation of their dental license is not warranted.  Danielle Sanger of the Sanger Law Office is a former Assistant Attorney General of Kansas, devoting her law practice to helping Kansas professionals keep their professional licenses.  If you would like to discuss your situation with Danielle Sanger, contact the Sanger Law Office today to schedule a free consultation by calling (785) 979-4353.