Kansas Chiropractors & How to Protect Your License

As a licensed Kansas chiropractor, you want to spend your time providing your patients with the best care available. However, as a medical professional, this means you must delegate a portion of your time to protecting yourself and your practice from claims that could jeopardize your career and your license.  Avoiding claims does not need to be an all-consuming task. Here are seven common mistakes you need be aware of, so that you can continue spending time with patients instead of defending your chiropractic license from the Kansas State Board of Healing Arts:


  1. Keeping Inadequate Records: Like many professionals, chiropractors need to keep detailed patient records. When taking notes, chiropractors need to keep in mind that the information they include in a patient’s record can be just as important as the information they choose not to include.  For example, if a chiropractor includes that a certain procedure was done to the patient, in lieu of a more common procedure that was not done, it may be beneficial to include the reasoning behind his or her decision.
  2. Poor Patient Communication: Not enough can be said about the benefits of having happy patients. Happy patients can not only refer you to other patients, but they are also less likely to pursue claims against you. Make sure that you are spending ample time with each patient, answering any questions and explaining your reasoning for the prescribed course of treatment. If you have any doubt as to whether a patient understands the risks of a procedure, it may be a good idea to have them sign an informed consent form.
  3. Improper Management of Staff: Many chiropractors practice in small office type environments. Unlike medical professionals that work in hospitals and other large facilities, chiropractors are not only responsible for patient care but also management of their staff. Make certain that your staff is well trained and knows how to maintain professional boundaries with patients.
  4. Failing to Stay Current in the Profession: It is important for all chiropractors to stay up to date on the relevant law in addition to current treatments. Kansas, like most states, requires chiropractors to complete continuing education for license renewal. Failing to meet the requisite number of continuing education hours can be cause for disciplinary actions by the Board
  5. Not Knowing When to Say “NO”:  Certain patients are easier to work with than others. That is not to say that all difficult patients should be avoided, but if you feel that a patient has unreal expectations for treatment that cannot be managed, it may be time to end the patient relationship. The same is true if a patient’s required course of treatment is outside your current professional experience. Knowing when to turn away a patient can cost you much less in the long run.
  6. Failing to Meet Professional Requirements: Verify that your contact information and other pertinent information is up-to-date with your state’s licensing board. Failing to maintain this information is an easy way to invite licensing problems.
  7. Not having adequate malpractice insurance: You would not go without home owners insurance on your residence or automobile insurance on your vehicle. The same is true about medical malpractice insurance. Be sure to talk with a professional to make sure that you are adequately covered in case of a claim.

If you are facing disciplinary proceedings or are the subject of an initial investigation before the Board of Healing Arts, contact the Sanger Law Office today at 785-979-4353 for a free confidential consultation. At the Sanger Law Office we understand that your professional license is not just what you do, it is who you are, and that your livelihood depends on it. Trust our team of experienced professionals to aggressively defend your license.