Kansas Nursing Professionals: Tips for Recovering from Disciplinary Action

Receiving notice from the Kansas Board of Nursing that you are being disciplined for violations of the Nursing Practices can be absolutely devastating. However, it is important to realize that many other nursing professionals have been disciplined and have gone on to have wonderful careers. Here are a few tips to ensure post-disciplinary success:

  • Complete conditions of disciplinary action: Before leaving your attorney’s office, make sure that you understand the terms of your discipline.  This includes any conditions that you are required to compete and the time frame for completing each task.  Do not put off completing these tasks!  The sooner you are able to complete the tasks, the better you will feel. The Board will not look favorably upon a licensee who does not complete conditions on time.
  • Keep quiet at work:  In some cases it may be tempting to want to share your experiences with a co-worker. However, in most instances it is better if you keep to yourself.  If you feel like you need to discuss the matter with a fellow nursing professional, speak with a supervisor or someone who does not work at the same facility.
  • Do not hold a grudge:  It is completely natural to have mixed feelings after the disciplinary proceedings. However, the key to recovering quickly is to not dwell on the past events. Harboring ill feelings towards the proceedings or the patient who made the complaint will not help you recover. It is important to forgive yourself. Continuing to beat yourself up about the cause of the discipline will not make you a better nurse. Rather, keeping such feeling may do just the opposite.
  • Recommit yourself to the profession:  Do not let the disciplinary process take away your passion for nursing. Make the decision to recommit yourself to the profession. Take the steps necessary to improve and build upon your skill set. A great leader takes experiences, both good and bad, as opportunities to learn and grow.
  • Regain your confidence:  When recovering from disciplinary action it is normal to feel cautious so as to avoid making mistakes. However, more mistakes are made when confidence is low than when it is high. It is important for nurses to trust his or her instincts and training. However, if a certain area has you feeling particularly anxious, it is a good idea to find a certified nursing education class on the subject.
  • Communication is key: Many disciplinary complaints are the result of poor communication. Make sure that your conversations with patients are professional and polite.

You worked hard to obtain and maintain your nursing license.  Do not let one error cost you your license. If you have received notice of a complaint by the Kansas Board of Nursing, contact the Sanger Law Office at 785-979-4353 to schedule a free and completely confidential consultation. You can trust the Sanger Law Office to provide with exceptional legal services.