Kansas Healthcare Professionals – What You Should Know About “Lien Letters”

As a Kansas healthcare professional, you face many challenges that are unique to the healthcare industry.  While being a healthcare professional is certainly a rewarding experience, the profession carries with it the risk that your conduct may be questioned, even if you have done nothing wrong.  When your integrity, reputation, and/or your expertise are challenged in any way, you may feel a little on edge.  Being accused of negligence or misconduct can be a significant stressor that impedes your ability to do your job to your fullest potential.

What is a “Lien Letter”?

If a current or former patient alleges that you have caused him or her harm in some way, that individual may choose to take legal action.  Some individuals simply file a medical malpractice lawsuit, and seek to either settle the case outside the courtroom, or go to trial.  Others choose to seek resolution of a potential medical malpractice claim before even filing a lawsuit.  By doing so, attorneys on behalf of these individuals send what are called “lien letters” to the healthcare professional alleging malpractice.

Upon receiving a lien letter, the healthcare professional may decide to turn over the potential claim to his or her malpractice insurance carrier.  Depending on the nature and extent of the alleged injuries an individual has suffered, some healthcare professionals decide it is much easier to have the claim paid out.  If a healthcare professional believes an allegation is completely unfounded, he or she may choose to fight the issue, seeking the guidance of an attorney.

Why You Should Consider Speaking with a Kansas Professional License Defense Attorney

Issues regarding lien letters are often dealt with by medical malpractice defense attorneys.  However, depending on the particular facts of your situation, and how serious the allegations against you are, you may need to speak with a professional license defense attorney, as your Kansas license could be at risk.  Many medical malpractice claims are not successful where no fault can be proven.  Likewise, many complaints that patients and other individuals have about Kansas healthcare professionals do not result in disciplinary action or the loss of a professional license.

Regardless of whether a patient’s allegations against you are valid, it is important to keep in mind that any potential legal matter could implicate you professional license, especially in situations where a patient has both sent a lien letter to you and/or filed a lawsuit against you, and simultaneously filed a complaint against you with the Kansas Board of Healing Arts.  While the Board disregards claims that have no merit, you never know how the Board will react from one case to the next, and you should be prepared for what to expect.

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Kansas healthcare professionals, whether physicians, dentists, or otherwise, place their careers and reputation at risk on a regular basis.  An unfortunate reality of being a healthcare professional is that unhappy patients may feel they have been harmed in some way and want to hold a healthcare professional accountable, even if there seems to be no fault at all on the part of the healthcare professional.  If you are a Kansas healthcare professional, and you believe your professional license may be at risk, for any reason at all, it is crucial that you speak with a Kansas Professional License Defense Attorney as soon as possible.  With the assistance of a qualified attorney, you will have a more clear understanding of what you are dealing with.  Kansas Professional License Defense Attorney Danielle Sanger of the Sanger Law Office has extensive experience helping professionals just like you.  As a former Assistant Attorney General of Kansas, Ms. Sanger provides her clients with thorough and quality legal representation.  To schedule your free consultation, contact the Sanger Law Office today by calling (785) 979-4353.