Kansas Professionals – The Importance of Having Qualified and Competent Staff Members

Having a healthy working environment where all employees get along isn’t always easy to come by.  Businesses and medical or legal practices are often successful when each employee plays his or her role, regardless of whether that employee is the owner of the business, the manager, or a support staff member.  Mistakes often happen, and tasks are often left undone when employees cannot find a way to work together kindly and/or efficiently.

Supervisory Responsibilities

One thing that many Kansas professionals forget is that they may be held responsible for their support staff members’ conduct.  For example, if you are a physician, and your assistant accidentally provides a patient with the wrong post-visit instructions, and those instructions somehow resulted in injury to that patient, the physician may be held liable for such injuries.  This may not seem like a fair result, however, as a physician (or other professional), you are agreeing to take on such supervisory responsibilities.

In most cases, professionals are not likely to lose their licenses in Kansas for another employee’s conduct, unless such conduct is egregious and caused serious harm.  No two situations are alike, so any questions or concerns regarding professional licensing in Kansas should be directed to a Kansas Professional License Defense Attorney.

Additional Ways in Which You May Be Held Responsible

Not only are some Kansas professionals required to take on supervisory responsibilities.  Kansas professionals also must take into consideration how their staff members communicate generally with patients or clients, and how such patients or clients view the services they have received.  For example, if a legal secretary informs a potential client that an attorney can guarantee certain results, and therefore communicates to this potential client that services will in fact be rendered, the attorney’s reputation may be in trouble if that potential client complains about the attorney’s failure to come through on his or her guarantees or promises.

Even though a legal secretary’s statement may have been misunderstood, or if the staff member simply made a mistake, a potential client’s perception about legal representation is extremely important.  If that individual believes he or she has an attorney who will solve his or her legal matter satisfactorily, and the attorney is ultimately not able to reach the desired result, that client or potential client may complain that the attorney has misrepresented his or her guarantees as far as the legal services to be rendered.

Most Kansas professionals are not likely to be involved in a situation where a license is at risk for revocation or suspension as a direct result of a staff member’s conduct.  However, you can never be too careful when evaluating a situation where you, as a Kansas professional, did not adhere to certain responsibilities required pursuant to your profession’s code of conduct.  You may not even be aware that you violated any rule.  As such, speaking with a Kansas Professional License Defense Attorney is the first step to understanding what you are dealing with.

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Whether you are a physician, a dentist, an attorney, a chiropractor, or any other Kansas professional, having a qualified staff is important to the overall success of the business.  Given that a profession of stature carries with it numerous responsibilities, the mistakes staff members make are often blamed on the supervising professional.  It is not always possible to prevent staff members from making costly mistakes, and some Kansas professionals have felt the consequences in the form of license suspension or revocation.  If you are facing the potential loss of your professional license, it is imperative that you act quickly to speak with a seasoned Kansas Professional License Defense Attorney.  Danielle Sanger of the Sanger Law Office devotes her law practice to helping fellow professionals by advocating for their rights and interests to the fullest extent possible.  Danielle Sanger is a former Assistant Attorney General of Kansas with the well-rounded experience and skill that you need in an attorney.  To schedule your free consultation to speak with Danielle Sanger, contact the Sanger Law Office today by calling (785) 979-4353.