Missouri Denied my Professional License; What Can I do?

Many professionals, including teaching, chiropractors, doctors, nurses, and psychologists, require a state-issued license. The licensing board has certain requirements when it comes to acquiring a license. Of course, these professionals undergo years of formal education before they even get to the point where they must apply for their license. If a professional has invested money and years of their lives working towards their professional goals, just to be denied a license, the results can be devastating.

It is important to remember that if your license is denied, this is not the end of the road. There are ways to challenge the decision and to potentially acquire the license despite the Board’s initial determination.

Why would my license be denied?

Of course, there are formal requirements when applying for a license. A person who fails to meet those requirements, for instance, someone who did not pass a particular exam, may not be eligible to obtain a license until they complete all of the necessary steps.

In other situations, a person’s past may cause them trouble, and their license may be denied because of something on their record. A criminal past can be a reason for the Board to deny a license, but the facts of each case will be important to the Board when they make that decision.

Some factors that will be considered include the severity of the crime. Obviously, a sex offender may be denied a teaching license, but there are other less obvious cases. A nurse, for instance, may be denied a license for having a DUI. A DUI may not be an indication of the nurse’s ability to carry out his or her professional duties, but the denial may come after the Board views that conviction as a sign of who that person is and whether he or she could do harm in that profession.

In a case where it is not entirely clear that the earlier conviction is relevant, there will be other factors for the Board to consider. Those include how recent the conviction was and whether the professional has participated in a rehabilitative program. If the conviction is brand new, this may cause the Board member’s concerns, whereas a ten-year-old conviction might not seem as relevant.

Do I have to Report Past Violations?

When it comes to trying to obtain a professional license, do not lie on any of the forms. Criminal histories may come up in later searches, and lying will cause the problems to become much worse. You might have to explain a past transgression, but trying to hide one will only hurt you in the long run.

Can I Challenge the Decision?

Yes. You can challenge the decision, but there are time constraints and a complicated system to navigate in order to do so. The good news is that the decisions are definitely not final, and you can challenge them to overcome the obstacle and acquire the license you have been working to acquire.

Hiring an Attorney

When it comes to a professional license, you should never take the situation lightly. You have worked too hard to have your efforts fail  just before you obtain the license and start your career.

Hiring a Missouri Professional Licensing Defense Attorney will not be taken as an admission that you have done something wrong, but as an indication that you take your career very seriously and are willing to work through the official channels to ensure that you gain your license.

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