Why You Should have a Lawyer if you are Facing Professional Discipline

Kansas and Missouri professional licensing attorney Danielle Sanger is a dedicated and zealous advocate for professional licensees.  Attorney Sanger recommends, based on her vast experience representing hundreds of clients before various disciplinary Boards in both Kansas and Missouri, that you hire experienced, competent, and skilled representation if you learn that you might be the subject of a disciplinary investigation. There is too much on the line for you, your professional life, and your family to risk confronting disciplinary boards on your own. This advice is not intended as an insult to your intelligence. Quite the contrary, your status as a professional licensee demonstrates your level of intelligence and dedication to the study of your particular discipline. However, representing yourself in a legal matter is very difficult. Even lawyers hire lawyers to represent themselves when they encounter legal trouble. Therefore, it is in your best interest to seek representation to help you protect your livelihood.

What Can Happen If You Do Not Hire An Attorney?

Licensing boards have an interest in making sure that their licensees comply with the law as well as the regulations of the profession. Licensing boards exist for one reason: to protect the public. Licensing authorities in both Kansas and Missouri take their responsibilities seriously and will issue orders that are in the interest of public safety.

The outcome of your investigation will depend upon numerous factors. The primary factor relates to the nature of the infraction and the seriousness thereof. Disciplinary boards enjoy wide discretion when imposing professional discipline. The licensee’s history of ethical violations will have an impact on the severity of the sanction. Multiple offenses will not be taken lightly by any licensing authority. Consequently, the severity of the penalty can increase with every violation.

The more severe rules violations may cause the licensing authority to impose the most severe sanction available to it: revocation of the professional license. You could be the beneficiary the lesser sanctions depending on the nature of the allegations and your history of prior discipline. A licensing authority enjoys the discretion to suspend a license, place a licensee on probation for a period of time, subject to the satisfactory completion of conditions.  Alternatively, licensing boards may issue public censures, private reprimands, and may order the licensee to pay fines.

What Can Happen If You Have Legal Representation?

The same sanctions can be imposed. The potential consequences do not change merely because you sought representation. However, having counsel provides you with an advantage over those who choose to represent themselves. A lawyer can negotiate a less severe sanction for you that allow you to keep your license so you can continue to work and support yourself and your family.

Additionally, a competent professional licensing attorney understands the range of possible sanctions after researching previous disciplinary decisions the board has made.  Your lawyer can advise you on the board’s decisions and argue that previous precedent should apply or not. Sometimes the better argument is to distinguish your situation from all others.

Your professional licensing attorney can help you contest the accusations. You have a right to a fair and impartial hearing, the right to confront witnesses, and the right to produce witnesses to testify for you. Your attorney can prepare a case that could exonerate you, if not at the hearing level, then in court after an appeal for review.

Attorney Danielle Sanger: Aggressive Advocate For Professional Licensees

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