Danielle Sanger, Esq.: Kansas and Missouri Professional Licensing Attorney Providing Vigorous Defense of Counselors Facing Professional Discipline

Counselors provide a tremendous service to the community. The significant contribution counselors make to our well-being cannot be measured. Counselors must strictly adhere to the rules governing their profession but, as any psychologist, licensed social worker, addiction counselor, or addiction specialist will tell you, they are human and make mistakes. A mistake should not ruin your career, your livelihood, and your family if you face professional disciple as a consequence of your error. Resist the temptation to represent yourself. You need an attorney who stakes her reputation on zealously advocating for professional licensees facing professional discipline.

Why You Need an Attorney to Represent You

There is an adage in the law that says the lawyer who represents himself or herself has a fool for a client. There is plenty of truth in that statement. Although lawyers are educated and experienced in the substantive and procedural law of a jurisdiction, they should not represent themselves when they face legal trouble. So too, a professional licensee should not represent them or go “pro se.” The reason is simple: you cannot think objectively when your legal interests are at stake. You need someone to advocate for you, to look at and analyze the evidence, and then explain the consequences, your rights, and defenses available to you.

So often highly educated and intelligent people believe that they can talk their way out of trouble or they believe help is unnecessary because they are smart and can comprehend the allegations which they face. When emotions run high and fear sets in, a person’s judgment can quickly become clouded despite the level of intelligence, educational attainment, or formal training. Having an advocate whose sole responsibility is your to look out for your best interest will give you the best opportunity to defend against the allegations you face.

What Rights Does A Person In The Counseling Professions Have When Facing Professional Discipline?

You are guaranteed several rights when facing professional discipline. Several sources of law grant those rights. They are substantial rights. An attorney well versed in the procedure involved in professional licensing hearings and administrative hearings will give you an advantage over a lawyer who has less experience.

At the outset, you have the right to a hearing before the state punishes you. At the hearing, you are guaranteed the right to confront and cross-examine witnesses appearing against you. Also, you have the right to have the case heard by a neutral and detached magistrate or hearings officer. Furthermore, you have the opportunity to examine all of the evidence the state has against you. You have the absolute right to call witnesses and testify on your own behalf. You also have the right to appeal adverse rulings against you to a judge after you have exhausted all of your administrative rights.

Possible Sanctions for Professional Misconduct

The nature of the punishment depends on the severity of the conduct and your record of previous discipline. At bottom, the penalty meted out by the licensing authority should not be arbitrary or capricious. Instead, the sanction must be consonant with the protection of the public. You could face censure or public reprimand for less serious offenses. For more egregious offenses or repeat offenses, you could receive probation with restrictions on your practice, suspension, or revocation of your license.

Your professional licensing attorney will fight to have the least restrictive sanction imposed upon you if you are found responsible for misconduct or admit to fault.

Do Not Hesitate Seeking Legal Help from a Dedicated Professional Licensing Attorney

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Physical Therapists in Kansas or Missouri Facing Professional Discipline Should Turn to Professional Licensing Attorney Danielle Sanger for Impassioned Defense

Facing professional discipline is a daunting time in a physical therapist’s career. A physical therapist should not feel like they are a bad person merely because the Board of Healing Arts levied a complaint against them. Mistakes do happen, but that does not mean that the physical therapist should never practice again. It could mean that the Board of Healing Arts in Kansas or Missouri will seek sanctions against their license. A physical therapist in that position must seek legal advice from a competent and experienced professional licensing attorney who practices in Kansas and Missouri such as Danielle Sanger, Esq.

Having a vigorous and aggressive professional licensing advocate on your side could mean the difference between continuing practicing in your chosen profession and searching for supplemental work because your license to practice is suspended or revoked. Not just any attorney will suffice. Professional disciplinary attorney Danielle Sanger has the experience, dedication, devotion, and competence you need.

Your inclination might be to fight the government on your own. Representing yourself is a path that could have severe consequences. Most people who represent themselves get caught up in the emotional aspect of the proceedings. It is hard to think clearly, to know your options, and execute a plan to protect your professional and personal well-being when you must counter allegations of misconduct, especially if they are untrue or exaggerated. Having a professional licensing attorney by your side from the inception of the investigation into your alleged misconduct will help you achieve the best result for you and your family.

Facing professional discipline is a dire situation that could have potentially drastic consequences for you and your family. Disciplinary boards have broad discretion on the penalty they can fashion for a physical therapist who runs afoul of the rules governing the profession. The Board of Healing Arts could impose sanctions ranging from a censure and a private reprimand to revocation. There are intermediate sanctions available to the Board of Healing Arts as well. The Board of Healing Arts has the authority to issue a public reprimand, probation for a length of time with conditions or limitations on the physical therapist’s ability to practice, suspension, or revocation.

Suspension and revocation are typically reserved for the worst cases. The Board of Healing Arts will impose such severe sanctions when a patient or patients of the physical therapist suffered an injury, be it physical, emotional, or monetary. Alternatively, the Board of Healing Arts will examine the physical therapist’s background for prior discipline and determine that previous sanctions have not corrected unlawful behavior and therefore the physical therapist must be ordered to stop practicing.

No matter the punishment, the goal for the Board of Healing Arts is to protect the public. The physical therapist has the opportunity to demonstrate that any sanction should be limited in scope, limited in duration, and not be too onerous. A savvy and experienced professional licensing attorney will have the ability to argue in your favor persuasively.

The physical therapist who is facing professional discipline has other rights beyond the right to choose counsel. Any professional against whom discipline is sought has the right to a hearing before a neutral and detached magistrate, to confront and cross-examine witnesses who testify against them, and to know the evidence the government has that supports its claim. Also, the physical therapist has the right to call witnesses on their own behalf and testify on their own behalf. Additionally, the physical therapist has the right to appeal all adverse rulings to a court of law after all administrative remedies have been exhausted.

Kansas and Missouri Professional Discipline Attorney Fighting to Protect the Livelihoods of Physical Therapists

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Kansas and Missouri Professional Licensing Attorney Danielle Sanger: Aggressive Representation of Dentists Facing Professional Discipline

More and more studies have shown that oral hygiene and good oral health are a vital component of our overall well-being. Therefore, dentists, dental assistants, and dental hygienists help keep us healthy in conjunction with our primary care physicians and other healthcare professionals upon whom we rely. All professionals within the dental field are educated and licensed professionals dedicated to their craft. However, dentists, dental hygienists, and dental assistants (collectively “dentists”) make mistakes just as fallible humans do, despite having their patient’s best interest in mind. That is why dentists who are facing professional discipline need an experienced, aggressive, and successful advocate for dental professionals in Kansas and Missouri like Danielle Sanger, Esq.

Attorney Danielle Sanger has dedicated her practice to representing professional licensees before professional boards and administrative agencies. Her passion for helping professional licensees differentiates Attorney Sanger from other attorneys. She has over a decade of experience defending clients facing license loss. Additionally, her experience as an Assistant Attorney General prosecuting professional license matters before the Kansas Board of Nursing gives her clients an added advantage. Attorney Sanger understands how the system works and how best to represent her clients within those strictures.

Those who work in the dental profession are well-regarded as intelligent individuals. Therefore, it would be tempting for them to try to take on the government and represent themselves before the Board of Dentistry. Self-representation is fraught with danger. People unsophisticated in the law are easily overwhelmed and can make mistakes despite how convinced they are of their innocence. Additionally, some dental professionals might believe that they can save money by representing themselves. Nothing could be further from the truth. Hiring an experienced, savvy, and zealous professional licensing attorney could save your practice and therefore your livelihood.

Dentistry professionals, like other professional licensees, face a myriad of disciplinary possibilities. These possibilities range from censure and public reprimand to suspension or revocation. Dental professionals may also suffer punishments such as public reprimand, a probationary period with conditions placed on their license to practice dentistry, suspension, and finally revocation. Enlisting a vigorous dental licensing attorney to fight on your behalf will give you the best chance of receiving the least severe punishment possible under the circumstances. Those conditions also include particulars about the dentist’s career and history of the previous discipline. The severity of the penalty meted out by the Board of Dentistry will come down to whether the dentist has a history of professional discipline, the severity of the incident in question, and the dentist’s reputation within the dental community. Also, the disciplinary board could consider other relevant factors such as whether there was a victim in the case and whether he or she suffered any injuries.

Dental professionals enjoy a plethora of rights before the government, presented by the licensing board, can impose a sanction on their ability to practice.  The rights professional licensees have are similar to those afforded to a criminal defendant. Chief among those rights is the right to a fair and impartial hearing before a neutral and detached magistrate or fact finder. It is important to note that there is no right to a trial by jury. But, the licensee has the right to see the government’s evidence, cross-examine or confront witnesses, and to call witnesses to testify on their behalf. Professional licensees have a right not to incriminate themselves, but an invocation of their right not to incriminate themselves may be used as negative evidence against them.

Consult an Experienced and Dedicated Dental Licensing Attorney before Speaking to Anyone about a Complaint or Investigation into your Conduct

You have the right to counsel of your choosing to represent you, even during the investigation phase of a claim made against you. Choose Kansas and Missouri professional licensing attorney Danielle Sanger to fight for you and your livelihood. Call Attorney Sanger today at 785-979-4353 to schedule a free consultation.

Kansas and Missouri Professional Licensing Attorney Danielle Sanger: Dedicated Advocate for Pharmacists Facing Professional Discipline

Pharmacists are dedicated professionals who make significant contributions to our healthcare and our quality of life. Our pharmacists become trusted members of the team who watches over our well-being. We entrust pharmacists with tremendous responsibility, and most discharge their duties professionally and competently. The public confidence in pharmacists and the service they perform is significant. However, pharmacists, like all other licensed professionals, are human and can make mistakes. Consequently, pharmacists face the specter of professional discipline for failing to protect the safety of the public and the integrity of the profession.

In Kansas and Missouri, pharmacists who are facing professional discipline have an ardent advocate in Danielle Sanger, Esq. Attorney Sanger has dedicated her career to defending professional licensees from disciplinary actions. Attorney Sanger’s substantial experience representing clients before disciplinary boards and administrative agencies gives her clients the advantage they need to protect their livelihood and their family from financial ruin.

Pharmacists are under a significant amount of stress and pressure these days. Pharmacists dispense and guard, for that matter, substances that are of great value on the streets. Drugs like Oxycontin and other opiate derivatives are in high demand as a consequence of the opioid epidemic facing our country today. Pharmacists and pharmacy staff, over which the head pharmacists has supervisory responsibility, could be tempted by significant financial incentives to misappropriate painkillers. Pharmacists must exercise caution and adhere to all of the regulations pertaining to opioid medications.

A pharmacist must contact a highly experienced and knowledgeable professional licensing attorney immediately upon learning they are under investigation. Pharmacists might be tempted to attempt to talk their way out of a complaint if they cooperate with their licensing authority’s investigation into their wrongdoing. A pharmacist, and all other holders of occupational licenses, should not contact their investigatory agency until speaking with competent professional licensing counsel. The investigating agency might not inform the pharmacist that he or she has the right to counsel before they speak. Just like in criminal court, anything you say can, and will, be used against you in a court of law. Unlike a criminal defendant facing interrogation, there is no requirement that the pharmacist receives the equivalent of the Miranda warnings. Thus, no statement is “off the record.”

Contacting a professional licensing attorney in the initial stages of an investigation will help you mount a defense immediately. Time is of the essence. The pharmacist has a chance to negotiate a resolution to the matter before a complaint issues through your attorney. If, however, that is not possible, then getting an experienced occupational licensing attorney involved in the preliminary stages of an investigation will benefit the pharmacist greatly. The attorney will have time to investigate the facts, examine potential defenses, find witnesses, and review the government’s evidence. There is also ample time to create a compelling narrative as part of the pharmacist’s case that demonstrates the lack of culpability on the pharmacist’s part. Likewise, the attorney has the chance to mitigate any wrongdoing by gathering evidence that will help make a case for a reduced penalty.

A professional disciplinary action is no joke. Although the hearing does not occur in a traditional courtroom, the pharmacist has rights similar to that of a criminal defendant, except that there is no right to a trial by jury. However, the pharmacist has the due process right to confront and cross-examine witnesses appearing in support of the complaint and to present a case in the pharmacist’s defense. The pharmacist also has the right to a fair hearing before a neutral and impartial magistrate.

Call today if you are a pharmacist from Kansas or Missouri, and you are facing professional discipline.

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