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Missouri Professional Licensing Attorney Discusses Considerations Regarding Disciplinary Action: How to Know When to Fight the Charges or Negotiate a Favorable Disposition

Developing effective strategies for defending against allegations of professional licensing misconduct begins with a thorough analysis of the facts and circumstances. Without a comprehensive understanding of the claims and the factual underpinnings for them, then there is no practical method of devising a winning defense strategy. Understanding all of the facts after conducting a complete […]

Privileged Communications in Missouri

The state of Missouri recognizes that a fiduciary duty exists on behalf of the physician or another medical professional, including psychologists, to maintain confidentiality of the patient’s records. However, as with all jurisdictions, Missouri recognizes a common law exception to the presumption that all communications are privileged when the privilege holder, that is the patient, […]

Privileged Communications in Kansas

Patients expect that their conversations with psychologists, psychiatrists, and doctors would be privileged, and not merely confidential. A privileged communication in Kansas is one in which the psychologist cannot disclose except in very limited circumstances under Kansas law. Disclosure of privileged communication is grounds for disciplinary action. Therefore, the psychologist must understand the nature of […]

Missouri Professional Licensing Defense Attorney Danielle Sanger Discusses How You Can Appeal an Adverse Licensing Decision to a Judge

You have a right as a party aggrieved by a decision rendered by the Missouri Administrative Hearings Commission, or AHC, to a judge sitting in a Missouri Circuit Court. Appealing to a judge is not done automatically. You must preserve your right to appeal, and you will lose out entirely if you fail to take […]

Kansas Professional Licensing Attorney Answers the Question: “Can I Appeal a State Agency’s Adverse Action Against Me to a Judge?”

The state of Kansas uses a two-tiered approach to protecting employee’s rights when a state licensing board takes adverse action against a licensee. The first tier of protection for a professional licensee begins at the agency level with a hearing before the relevant licensing board. A licensing board cannot take adverse action against a professional […]