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Missouri Denied my Professional License; What Can I do?

Many professionals, including teaching, chiropractors, doctors, nurses, and psychologists, require a state-issued license. The licensing board has certain requirements when it comes to acquiring a license. Of course, these professionals undergo years of formal education before they even get to the point where they must apply for their license. If a professional has invested money […]

Sealing Nursing License Complaints

Anyone can file a complaint against a nurse. In some cases, families will blame medical professionals when something goes wrong with a loved one’s medical condition, or workplace disagreements can lead to bad blood between co-workers, and a nurse can learn that a complaint was filed regarding his or her conduct. When your profession is […]

Opioid Case Leads to Pharmacist Losing License

The opioid crisis in America has led to hundreds of thousands of deaths across the United States. In fact, new reports indicate that about 99,160 more people were killed in this epidemic than previous reports had determined. In total, about 450,000 people across the country have lost their lives in opioid overdoses. The issue has […]

Why Do Educators Lose Their Licenses in Missouri?

For many teachers, their profession is not only their livelihood but also a part of their identity. The loss of a teaching license is devastating for these professionals. While teachers are fairly-well protected in their position, some do lose their ability to teach or have their licenses suspended. Educators who believe that their licenses are […]

Employer Promises if I Resign, They Will Not Report to Licensing Board: How to Handle Employer Threats

Healthcare professionals may have an employer with whom they do not get along well. In some instances, the situation can get extremely ugly, and the employer may wish to push the employee out of practice. In some instances, the employer may claim that the employee has done something unprofessional or violated their license. The employer […]